The Living Full Out TV Show

As the first legally blind LIVE talk show host, Nancy Solari offers unique insight into how you can live the life you want despite any obstacle. A true variety show, Living Full Out leads the audience on different avenues to inspiration.Viewers of the show have the opportunity to call in live to get advice from Nancy, and in every show she has an intimate coaching session with a client in the studio.

The Living Full Out talk show also has guests share their words of wisdom with viewers, inspiring them to push their own limits and get the most out of life.Nancy turns to guest experts to share clinical knowledge and resources relatable to each episode’s topic. Invited celebrities share with the viewers how they are personally connected with the non-profits they support and how these charities add meaning to their lives. Inspirational guests share challenges they have faced – from trauma to disabilities to financial hardship – and share with viewers how they found the strength to overcome these obstacles.

Nancy coaches real people struggling with real problems through personal anecdotes about living with a disability and starting and growing her own businesses, LIVE! Nancy’s on-air coaching sessions include both in-person meetings as well as live call-ins – so any viewer can call in for coaching or advice! With Nancy’s insights and her guests’ inspirational messages, The Living Full Out Talk Show offers its audience resources, tips, and motivation to achieve their goals and live life full out.

Check Out Our Viewers’ Favorite Episodes

Courageously Living Full Out
On this episode of Living Full Out, Captain Charlie Plumb, a former Navy fighter pilot in the Vietnam War shares how with only 5 days to the end of his tour became a Prisoner of War and was imprisoned for nearly 6 years. Captain Plumb shares that every challenge he faced was an opportunity rather than a barrier and working through challenges gave him the confidence to continue in his journey to continue Living Full Out. Also on this episode, Paul Avila whose son, Pauly, was born blind and later diagnosed with autism, shares how his son’s life and everyday challenges have helped not only Paul and his family grow but also founded Pauly’s Project, to bring Pauly’s favorite hobby- music, to the homeless and share in their journey to live Full Out.

Harnessing Your Strength By Living Full Out
On this episode of Living Full Out, Love Ambassador, Shayla Logan, shares her story of the death of her father, an abusive childhood at the hands of her mentally-ill mother then having to go through 23 foster homes, and attempting suicide multiple times but still finding the motivation to turn her life around to live life Full Out. Also on this episode, Papa Joe, a music-recording artist, who once weighed 450 pounds shares how he found the motivation to get his health and life back on track, work through a traumatic bike accident, and managed to lose 250 pounds in 18 months, and became a health advocate.

Living Full Out Through Resilience
Today on Living Full Out, former Marine Eric McElvenny talks with us about his experience serving in Afghanistan and the loss of the lower part of his right leg. Despite the amputation, Eric now competes in the Ironman competition, and travels across the country as a motivational speaker, inspiring others to grow from challenges. We are also joined by actress Kristen Renton of Sons of Anarchy and Days of our Lives fame, who shares with us her personal connection to Lupus LA, and how we can get involved in the fight against Lupus.

Making an Impact by Living Full Out
On this episode of Living Full Out, Actor, author, and former Miami Dolphins football player Victor Rivas Rivers joins us to share about his impressive accomplishments and open up about his experience as a child abuse victim, and how this has led him to become an advocate for domestic violence prevention and intervention. Victor shows us how to turn difficult circumstances into opportunities for growth.

Living Your Purpose Despite Limitations
On this episode of Living Full Out, Jessica Cox inspires us by revealing that even though she was born without arms, she takes a hands-on approach to life by playing piano, driving cars, and flying airplanes all with her feet! Jessica teaches us to go after our dreams despite limitations.