Client Testimonials

Learn How Bad Times Can Build Your Character with Cody Smith

From an early age Cody Smith found himself facing challenges in life. After experiencing his father walk out on his family, Cody was left with more obstacles. At age 11 Cody’s mom had a brain aneurysm, and later passed away. Cody was then left with the responsibility of picking a home for himself and his brother. Cody faced the decision of choosing between his grandma and his mother’s boyfriend or his dad who betrayed their trust. Cody chose to stay with his grandma but still struggled internally due to the passing of his mom. Cody turned to going to parties, drinking and had thoughts of suicide. When Cody was 15 years old a conversation with an older girl prompted him to turn his life around. Cody used the trials he faced to make a new chapter in his life. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn how Cody pushed through his pain to become the best version of himself. Click here to listen to the full episode. 

Keep Making Adjustments with

Jodi Michele Cooley

Jodi Michele Cooley was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after giving birth to her daughter at the age of 32. She understood the disease well, because she had been a caretaker for her own mother who also had the condition. Rather than letting her limited walking ability—with a cane, then a walker, then a scooter—stop her, Jodi created backup plans to prepare for the unexpected. She has inspired others to view their circumstances in a hopeful light, so they are able to remain optimistic and live a fulfilled lifestyle. Listen to Jodi explain how she made adjustments to her life like leaning on her family more. Click to watch Jodi’s testimonial video.

Collin Hughes discovers how being loved can open doors

Collin Hughes was adopted at a young age to an alcoholic father and a mother lacking the strength to protect him. Yearning for stability and love, Collin turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. He found and lost love in two marriages which led him to the devastation of losing the rights to his five children. Although Collin found security within his new marriage, he has to carry the grief from the loss of his granddaughter to suicide. Collin’s strength has been instilled by his faith in God. While his aspirations of piloting, rodeoing, and voice acting are satisfying, Collin makes mental health awareness a priority by speaking out in the community. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Collin Hughes’ determination for love opened doors to the happy life he has always strived for. Click here to view his testimony.

Learn the benefits of trusting your instincts with Niki Cross

From the early age of nine years old Niki Cross found herself feeling voiceless as she survived the abuse of being molested by a family member. As a teenager Niki turned to drugs, alcohol, and running away to cope with her pain. It was during these teenage years that she spiraled into the arms of a groomer and was thrown into human trafficking. Niki was able to later escape and in a 22 year long marriage she found love. Her life took another unexpected turn as she discovered her husband’s addiction to pornography, separated from her marriage, and grappled with unsafe living conditions. After everything Niki had endured she started having suicidal thoughts. No matter what life threw at her, Niki was able to persevere by relying on her intuition. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Niki used her instincts to overcome each obstacle and create a new path for herself. Click here to hear the full episode.

Hit it Out of the Park with Jim Mecir

Jim Mecir was born with clubfoot (his right foot was turned in toward his left leg), and he had surgery at age 1 to straighten it.  When he was 7 years old, Jim had another procedure to prevent the foot from returning to its original position. As a kid, he struggled with the appearance of his leg and had to relearn how to walk with physical therapy. He continued to love sports and decided to pursue baseball; using his high tolerance for pain as a strength to become a quality relief pitcher for 10 years, primarily with the Oakland Athletics. He then went on to become a motivational speaker and teach leadership and teambuilding skills. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Jim transformed his setback into a superpower. Click to watch the full episode.

Learn the Strengths of Having Grace with Doris Cardwell

Doris Cardwell was adopted into a chaotic household but always had a positive spirit. Doris grew up with an unstable mother, absent father and an adopted older brother that bullied her. She got married at 18 and realized that her husband had a pornography addiction. Doris became a single mom and drank alcohol to cope with the stress. She eventually met her husband Joel and had children with him. Doris noticed a tiny red dot on her breast and was unfortunately diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. She took treatments and was able to beat the disease. Doris decided to get connected with her birth family to learn more about her history and health. She was able to connect with her aunt who revealed the circumstances that led to her adoption and similar traits she had with the family. Today Doris is still a woman of faith who has a beautiful family with her husband Joel. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Drois used her grace to stay patient and persevere through her problems. Click on the link below to hear the full episode. Click here to view her testimony.

Gain Tips on How to be in Integrity with Paul Isenberg

Paul learned at an early age that leading with integrity makes life easier. His upbringing centered around athletics, family, and an ADHD diagnosis. Paul began to navigate through his life with intention to balance out the gift that allows him to multi-task. He then met his future wife at a bus stop that took 4 years to manifest into a first date. Paul and Nicole’s love story flourished as they began starting a family. After their first born, Nicole started with a cough and troubled breathing, to a diagnosis of stage 4 Hodgkin’s disease in the last month of her second pregnancy. After 6 years of treatment and 12 years of marriage, Nicole’s journey with cancer came to her passing. Paul was heartbroken with grief while adjusting to being a single father. Her final wish was Paul finding strength and the confidence to love again. Him and his current wife, who is also a widow, choose integrity by keeping the memories of their late spouses alive. Paul now has a charity that supports families battling cancer. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn how Paul used his faith in integrity to find a new life path. Click here to view Paul’s testimony.

Discover the Power in Giving it Away with Eric Christiansen

Eric Christiansen was an aspiring film maker that suffered from an alcohol and drug addiction early on in life. As his mother battled breast cancer and his father focused on his career, he welcomed any means to escape his struggles in the world. Despite being accepted into the California Institute of Art, this is a direction he would continue to follow until he reached a fateful tipping point in life. While attending college, Eric survived a tragic fire that stripped him of all his possessions. It was that moment which sparked Eric’s journey towards sobriety, allowing him to rebuild the relationship to his faith and find his purpose in life. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Eric’s passion for film and commitment to paying it forward in life, allows him to assist others as they overcome their obstacles with trauma. Click here to view his testimony.

Putting In the Work with Wendy Ida

Wendy faced harsh challenges growing up in the projects. She often had to walk up 12 flights of stairs to get home while avoiding drug addicts and dangerous men waiting to snatch her. Wendy married her highschool sweetheart and began a family with him. She endured abuse in the relationship and finally left for good after 2 previous attempts. Wendy moved to California with her children to start a fresh path. She was in her 40s when she started going to the gym and was encouraged by a friend to take it more seriously. Wendy realized fitness had a positive impact on her mind and body. Today Wendy is a best-selling author, speaker, and fitness coach. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Wendy kept her faith strong and transformed her life. Click here to view Wendy’s testimony.

Finding Your Voice With Savannah Hauk

Since he was about five years old, Chuck has had a special interest in women’s clothing. When he moved to New York as an adult and his wife decided to explore her sexuality, he used the opportunity to fully embrace himself through crossdressing. Though his first wife respected this part of him, Chuck faced adversity later in life when another partner disapproved of his lifestyle. After 15 more years of stifling who he was in the relationship, Chuck decided that he would no longer sacrifice his self expression. He found power within a new community of supportive friends and named his feminine identity Savannah Hauk. Now, he enjoys a happy relationship with a loving, accepting partner and has dedicated each Sunday to being Savannah. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear more about how Chuck chooses to remain biologically male yet celebrate his dual gender. Click here to view Savannah’s testimony.

Get Tips on Choosing Love with Trish Kendall

Trish Kendall has held on to her dear life from a young age that started with despair and abuse. When she turned 6 years-old, her father began to molest her. He was Trish’s main supporter and parent figure when her mom was not mentally aware enough to be present. Trish only had her loving, devoted relationship with her sister. Drug abuse entered her deck of cards when Trish started using marijuana, acid and meth. She was drifting to another mindset where she relived her sexual assault. The addiction led to an induced suicide attempt, but Trish’s willingness to choose love kept her alive. She committed to a lifestyle that would positively benefit her, leading her to break the fear and grasp forgiveness. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Trish Kendall’s discipline and self love led her to her husband, children and a path of healing. Click here to view her testimony.

Harnessing the Power of Resilience with Andy Goodling

Andy Goodling let fear discourage him from embracing his authentic self. He knew from the early age of 7 that he was gay. Witnessing peers come out in high school and the way his openly gay uncle was treated, deterred him from embracing his sexuality. Andy was lucky to find love in college and enjoyed a four year long relationship with his boyfriend. While they both chose to hide their relationship, they began eagerly making plans for their future and were preparing to come out. His significant other unexpectedly passed away early and Andy was left to mourn in silence. Deciding to honor their love and his memory, he went through with coming out a year later by sharing his memorial video on YouTube. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn how Andy’s video has inspired others as he encourages remaining persistent on your journey to embracing your authentic self. Click here to view Andy’s testimony.

Choosing to be courageous with Michelle Kuei

Michelle Kuei was only 11 years old when she became permanently disabled in a car accident in Tawain. As an adult after moving to the United States, Michelle struggled with her body image due to her physical differences and decided she wanted to get into the gym to achieve a look that made her feel confident. During her training, Michelle decided she wanted to climb Machu Picchu. Despite her trainer, friends, and family trying to dissuade her, Michelle booked a ticket, bandaged her wrists, and made it happen. Upon her return, Michelle published her book, Perfectly Normal, which details her journey as a differently-abled immigrant struggling to find her place. Now, she works to inspire others to take action and choose courage and works with women wanting to grow their businesses and stand out. Click here to view her testimony.

Learn to Live Full Out By Pivoting in Life with Danielle Spaar

Young Danielle Spaar fell into a lonely shadow as the middle child of her 2 siblings. While her brother battled leukemia, her parents were always at the hospital leaving Danielle to be shuffled between family members. Her older sister was in a teenage phase of being detached and absent. Danielle kept her head high as she graduated high school early and embarked on her passion to be a hairstylist. She finally felt confident and independent yet her inner child was unhealed. Danielle went on to get married and have children. When her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer, the hospital visit memories returned, except this time, Danielle took back her power. She went on to self publish 5 books, one centered around bringing awareness to her father’s illness. The overwhelming support from her family turned her obstacles into spreading positivity & changed her life for good. Listen to the living full out show to hear how Danielle as a sister, daughter, mother, and author turned her tragedies into triumphant tales. Click here to view Danielle’s testimony.

Tapping Into Your Survival Skills with Darcy Keith

Darcy Keith has jumped through the hurdles of an unpredictable life. During her senior year of college, she was in the backseat of a car that lost control and killed her two close friends sitting next to her. Darcy asked her mother “why was she still here?” After she awoke from a coma Darcy was told she suffered from two brain injuries that paralyzed the left side of her brain and the right side of her body. When she learned how to walk again, she was deemed a miracle child. Darcy laid in the hospital rehabilitating when she was introduced to a seemingly good man. When the relationship became abusive, Darcy knew she had to walk away to save herself. Processing the physical recovery from a car accident while healing her mentality from surviving domestic violence formed a confident woman of courage. She later found her now husband that loves her for exactly who she is. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how one day changed Darcy’s life forever. Click here to view her testimony.

Harness Your Mental Muscle Strength with Trent Brock

Trent Brock is an example of how possessing a strong willpower to harness your mental muscle strength can unlock the key to a fulfilling life. While across the world from his family in New Zealand, where he was creating his kettle corn business, Trent was diagnosed with three different types of cancer: hip bone cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer. Trent was sent home to his family with one year to live and no treatment plans. With a bit of luck, Trent was able to get access to radiation and has now been cancer free for over a year. He will also be getting a complex hip surgery to restore his ability to walk. Trent treats life like a football game: when he needs a time out, he turns to church and his friends and family for rest, and then he is ready to be put back in, one day at a time. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Trent resisted the urge to give up and pushed himself to keep on living. Click here to view his testimony.

Setting The Narrative With Rachel Stephenson

At five years old, Rachel’s life was changed forever when she was told her mommy was in heaven. Even though she was protected from the full story, in her later years she found that her mother passed away in a car accident. In an effort to be a caretaker Rachel’s grandmother said “you can call me mommy now”. Rachel instantly rejected that because she knew her mom would always be irreplaceable. She lost her father’s support at a very young age since he was unable to cope with the loss and instead, developed a drinking addiction. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear more about how Rachel learned how to cope with the loss of her mother and how she is making an effort to always remember her. Click here to view her testimony.

Opening yourself to opportunities with Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith grew up with many family struggles such as a strict father and many expectations to live up to from her older siblings. She turned to them at times when she experienced trauma, looking for someone to talk to, only for them to ignore her feelings. While her siblings got to go to some of the best universities in the country, she was told she had to go to a state school. Finally, she thought she was able to go to her dream law school, but her parents decided to stop paying. All she wanted was some love and support from her mother and father like her siblings were able to receive. However, after all she endured, she was able to learn how to truly be her own best friend. She was able to embrace her true self and step up to every opportunity that was handed her way. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to listen to Carrie’s story as she maintains her journey through life being open to opportunities and loving herself unconditionally. Click here to listen to the full episode.


Embracing Who You Are with Ayanna Davis

At an early age, Ayanna Davis had trouble interacting with her peers. She had always felt different and unable to truly communicate her thoughts. Around 2013-2014, Ayanna struggled with disorders such as dissociation and seizures. It was not until her 30s that she was diagnosed with Autism. Knowing her condition enabled Ayanna to be able to truly accept who she is and understand how she forms connections. She had finally received the answer to why she was pellicular. In fact, knowing her true nature led her to feel more comfortable with herself. With the support of her loved ones, Ayanna embraces her unique qualities with confidence. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to listen to Ayanna’s journey as she maintains her optimism and positivity to love herself unconditionally. Click here to watch her testimonial.

Being Authentic with Kevin Roth

Born with musical talent, Kevin Roth found out at an early age he was going to find his life through music. At the age of 13, two major events happened. His mother died suddenly, and a few months later he ran into a woman named Ann playing an instrument called the mountain dulcimer. Using his skills on the mountain dulcimer, he achieved a record deal at age and became known as an innovative dulcimer player in the 70’s. At age 15, his father passed away, and in 2016, Kevin was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma and was told he has 2-3 years to live. Kevin took his power back and wanted to make sure he lived the rest of his life happily, healthily, and most important authentically. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to listen to Kevin’s incredible journey through life, and how he got into teaching his life lessons. Click here to watch his testimonial.

Learning from Toxic Behaviors with Jewels

Jewels faced many difficulties from an early age as she watched alcoholism destroy the family dynamic she once knew. At the age of six Jewel’s mother left her alcoholic father and began a new life with Jewels. Jewels was now placed in a new environment as her mother began to date another man, however, at this time Jewels became a victim of reoccurring sexual abuse. Knowing she no longer wanted to be in this environment Jewels moved out on her own and provided for herself. Although finally, independent Jewels found herself using alcohol as a coping mechanism for her trauma. Seeking out the treatment she needed Jewels was able to find support in others and form close bonds with those also in recovery. Jewels turned her life around and got sober. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Jewels was able to overcome life’s self-destructive cycles. Click here to watch her testimonial.

Managing Tough Experiences with Jim Davidson

At an early age, Jim Davidson’s love of mountain climbing began. He started with scaling roofs and towers working at his father’s company. After losing his good friend Mike at 29, to a traumatic fall on Mount Rainer, Jim transformed his way of thinking and living. At age 52, Jim took on Mount Everest until a surprise 7.8 magnitude earthquake led the trek to a halt. At 54, he successfully summited Everest. Over the years Jim has experienced loss and tragedy, but despite his hardships he found the strength to continue his dream of climbing. Jim later went on to reveal his mountaineering adventures in his books The Ledge and The Next Everest detailing the events which prompted him to embrace change and uncertainty. Tune in to the Living Full Out Show to hear Jim share his story on overcoming his fears. Click here to watch his testimonial.

Listening to Your Body with Anthony Lo Cascio

Anthony Lo Cascio was subject to bullying his entire life due to his love for tap dancing. Regardless of the brutal comments, he thrived within his passion. Despite achieving much success within his career, he soon was faced with a new challenge, finding blood in his stool. Knowing something was seriously wrong he went to the doctors asking for help with his new health struggles. Instead, he was blamed and mislabeled as homosexual because of his job in dance. Following this Anthony was diagnosed with Bipolar ADHD, however the medications only made him feel sicker. Anthony and his wife Stacy decided to take matters into their own hands. Tune in to hear how Anthony shares his story of how he used food as his prescription to change his life forever. Be sure to watch his testimonial video on our YouTube channel.

Being Open With Others With Amy Gravino

Amy Gravino was diagnosed with autism as a child, and has since become a leading voice on the connection between autism and sexuality. After being bullied and ignored for most of her childhood, Amy finally found acceptance and community during college. She entered a serious relationship after graduating, and while it ended in heartbreak and broken trust, she gained valuable insights on intimacy and closure. Amy went on to earn a master’s degree, held a ted talk on autism and sexuality, and started ASGOT Consulting, her own business to coach students with autism. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Amy breaks autistic stigmas by being open with others. Watch her testimonial by clicking here.

Taking Time to Assess with Alison Pena

Alison Pena experienced a great deal of personal loss and change, which taught her to make every second of her life count. After losing her brother when she was 25, Alison transformed her surroundings to pull herself out of her depression, and eventually met the love of her life. After a 25-year marriage, her husband was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, which made every moment together even more precious. After his death, Alison made another tremendous reassessment of her personal journey by starting her own business, Bad Widow. She is dedicated to helping others come to terms with their grief and start a new chapter. Tune into The Living Full Out Show to hear how Alison listened to her intuition and moved forward. Watch her testimonial here.

Walking with Purpose with Shelly Rainey

Shelly Rainey suffered many losses throughout her life. Soon after her first miscarriage, Shelly was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, and decidedly refused a hysterectomy. After going through a period of deep sadness, she rekindled her faith in God and stepped into a new, loving marriage. Shelly then gave birth to Hannah, a healthy baby girl. A few years after Hannah, Shelly was excited to be a mother to a second daughter, but this baby was tragically lost 21 days after her birth. Shelly then chose to turn her pain into purpose by writing a book dedicated to her children. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Shelly used her vulnerabilities and struggles to lead others forward. You can watch her testimonial on our YouTube channel here.

Crawling Your Way to the True You with Brian Tellor

Brian Tellor was 40 years old when he was finally able to discover and accept his true self. Lacking support from his single working mom and absent biological father, Brian struggled to form an identity other than the negative one forced on him by his abusive stepfather. After leaving home at the age of 16, Brian started looking for validation in women. He specifically hoped that his wife, who had a more stable upbringing, would be able to change his life into something better. Instead, Brian began leading a double life as the family man and the unfaithful husband. They divorced, and Brian descended into a severe depression. Brian’s fear of potential self harm brought him to seek help at a mental health hospital, where he found himself transformed by the stories of those seeking help alongside him. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Brian crawled through the trenches of life in order to discover the person he really was. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Continuing to Step Forward with Petra Hoffmann

Petra Hoffmann grew up with no support system in a broken household. Leaving home at age 18, she became highly addicted to hard drugs to escape her pain. Instead of dealing with her stress she was pulled into a spiral of nonstop drug use for over a decade. Her life soon changed when she met the man that she wanted to have a child with. Later struggling with depression, heartbreak and being a single mother, Petra was hurting again. A car accident and the death of her daughter’s father led her to become addicted once again as she had to deal with what felt like never-ending trauma. Once she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and cervical cancer, a near-death experience changed her life forever. Now she works closely with the mental health field. Click to listen how Petra found her light through the darkness. Watch her testimonial video on our YouTube channel!

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Being Open to Miracles with Jean Abbott

As a young child, Jean Abbott was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy. Over the years, her condition would continue to worsen, and it eventually got to the point where she was prescribed over ten muscle relaxers a day. Jean had lost so much of her mobility that she had considered enrolling in a nursing home because she believed that there was a possibility that her children would be better off. After thirty-three years of doctors’ visits, medical procedures, and surgeries, a specialist discovered that she had Dopa Responsive Dystonia. After that moment, she retook control of her mobility, as well as her life.  Listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Jean has become an inspiration by keeping her faith despite fighting an almost impossible battle. Click to hear the full episode. Watch her testimonial video here

Finding Your Voice with Kayle Hill

From the early age of 15 months, Kayle Hill began her battle with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Then at age 12, they found several 50-degree curves in her back called Scoliosis. This diagnosis required numerous surgeries and hard medication to manage the pain. Making it difficult to communicate what she was going through to her friends and family. Later, at age 20, Kayle was faced with the decision to have another surgery because the hardware that was previously put in her back had broken. A doctor ultimately documented her with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to her suffering. Tune in to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Kayle found her voice in making her own decision. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Searching for Inner Peace with Jay Shifman

Jay Shifman started his mental health journey at the early age of 11. He was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and Mood disorder by a therapist in his community. By the age of 14, Jay was prescribed up to ten cases of pills and never saw it as a red flag. Soon after, he turned to illegal substances to feel a connection with the people around him. Everything changed when he had an overdose and ended up in multiple hospitals. Jay started to make his mental and physical health a priority. It took four months of withdrawal to get his life back on track. He now advocates for taking mindful time for yourself to find that inner peace within. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear more about Jay and his journey. Click to listen to his testimonial video. 

Being Persistent with Shara Hutchinson

Shara Hutchinson has always been an extremely persistent person, and that trait carried over when it came to her rocky journey with infertility! She had almost lost faith until her doctor informed her that her last hope was an In-vitro-fertilization. For eight years, Shara had to persevere and develop creative strategies, such as receiving donations through GoFundMe and even selling her clothes for the best chance to accomplish her goal. Shara harnessed all the energy she could muster in her efforts to have a baby.   In 2018, she released a book highlighting the long road to parenthood, “I Still Want To Be a Mom.” Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Shara found the resolve to continue pursuing her dreams despite life’s hurdles. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Learn How to Navigate Making Tough Decisions with Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds has encountered and overcome many hardships throughout her life. During the financial crisis of 2008, Victoria lost her newly opened business and she had to file for bankruptcy. On top of that, her husband’s company also fell. Victoria felt like everything she worked so hard for, was crumbling down around her, and she started to feel hopeless. After some tough decisions, Victoria decided to file for divorce after her husband’s refusal to give up his alcohol addiction. Despite the uncertainty, Victoria is determined to focus on the positive possibilities in the future. Tune in to the Living Full Out show to find out how Victoria was able to find independence and reconnect with her true self. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Finding Your Purpose with Lori Marini

Lori Marini was a pathologist assistant for 20 years, until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout Lori’s journey she has had to make many difficult life decisions. Two weeks after her diagnosis, Lori went into surgery to get a bilateral mastectomy.  Prior to the surgery, Lori had to make some critical decisions, such as, whether she wanted to freeze her eggs to have kids in the future and whether she was going to undergo breast augmentation for implants. Down the road, post surgery, Lori had to choose whether she would stay on her medication, despite the side effects, or risk her cancer returning. Now, Lori is a certified life coach, helping empower other women to fall back in love with life. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Lori maintained a positive mindset and the tenacity to chase after her dreams. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Finding Ambition with Nelson Tressler

Nelson Tressler grew up in a small town where he was burdened with difficult family circumstances that contributed to his experiences of prejudice and hate. Nelson suffered through physical abuse during childhood at the hands of an alcoholic. His family struggled with the hardship of living on welfare, which resulted in bullying and being separated from his siblings. Growing up, Nelson also battled with a learning disability, but he maintained a goal of being the first person in his family to graduate from college. Today, Nelson is a husband, father, and the founder of 6 Months 2 Success, a goal achievement program. Tune into the Living Full Out radio show to hear how Nelson maintained the strength and ambition to chase his dreams. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Overcoming Hopelessness with Amanda Webster

Amanda Webster has gone through a multitude of adversities in her life. During adolescence, she struggled with fitting in, and experienced bullying and sexual assault because of her bi-sexuality. When Amanda was only in her early twenties, she tragically lost both of her parents. Afterwards, she battled severe grief and depression, and almost took her life. Despite hardships and pain, Amanda persevered and discovered her purpose, becoming a mental health advocate. Listen to Amanda’s story about overcoming hopelessness and Living Full Out! Click here to watch her testimonial video. 

Pushing Through Difficult Times with Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell has faced many challenges throughout his life. He was born with a constricted aorta and cataracts, diagnosed with ADHD and speech impediments, and suffered an ischemic stroke to his spinal cord. Due to ADHD, Chris struggled with behavior problems throughout childhood and into his adult years, causing him to be expelled from public school twice. Later in life, he had surgery for his constricted aorta, which caused the ischemic stroke that took away his ability to stand, walk, dress himself, and much more. Despite these struggles, Chris persevered and taught himself to walk again and regained several of his abilities. Today he is a self-published author, speaker, and the founder of #DefineYourself. Tune into the Living Full Out show to hear how Chris created a positive mindset, maintaining the strength and motivation to push through adversity. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Releasing Toxic Triggers with Nancy McKay

Nancy McKay has experienced many hardships throughout her life. Growing up, she felt unseen and uncomfortable in an alcoholic household. At the young age of nineteen, she married her first husband, but they divorced after just two years. Later in life, Nancy helped care for her dying mother who was diagnosed with lung cancer. During this time, her father got sober and she rebuilt their relationship; this was also when she married her second husband. One Sunday, her father called and asked her to visit, but she was busy that day and didn’t go. The next morning, she found him dead from an overdose of drugs and alcohol. Struggling with guilt, Nancy went into a spiral of drinking binges. One night, she came home from partying with her husband, and when he told her she’d had enough to drink, she became enraged and held a handgun to her head. Nancy realized she needed to change and immediately gave up her toxic habits. On her fifty-eighth birthday, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and went through extensive treatment. After winning her battle against cancer, Nancy realized life is too short not to chase your dreams. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear Nancy share how she released her painful triggers. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Healing from Your Past with Sandy Phillips Kirkham

Sandy Phillips Kirkham found a safe harbor in church when she was growing up; however. this changed when a charismatic youth minister came to town. From their first interaction, he singled her out, and he slowly began to sexually, emotionally, and physically abuse her. She felt trapped in the relationship, and he tried to control every aspect of her life. Sandy kept their secret for years, but two people caught on, and even though the minister was forgiven and moved to a new church, she was asked to leave the congregation. Sandy didn’t speak about what happened until 27 years later when she opened up to her husband. Since then, she has confronted her abuser and uses her story to help others. With the support of her loving family, Sandy has learned to embrace life and love who she is. Tune into the Living Full Out show to hear how Sandy was able to heal from her past experiences. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Finding Your Way Home with

Norman Plotkin

Norman Plotkin has encountered much hardship. The loss of his brother from a car accident rocked his world so hard he began to question and reevaluate everything. On top of losing his brother, his wife was unsupportive during his grief, so Norman made the decision to leave her and move back home with his mom. Later in life, he was diagnosed with Papillary cancer twice in one year. He again experienced marriage troubles when his second wife had an affair. While struggling to find his normal and grieving the loss of both his parents in the same year, Norman remained positive. Then news came that his cancer had returned for a third time. With a new outlook on life, he chose acupuncture as his method of therapy. Tune into the Living Full Out show to hear how Norman found his way to peace. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Being Proud of Who You Are With

Chelsey Peat

Chelsey Peat was born with a rare condition known as Sturge Weber Syndrome, meaning she has a large birthmark on the left side of her face and glaucoma in her eye. At a young age she had to obtain numerous surgeries, including brain surgery to stop the seizures she endured. She survived the operation, despite being given a 50% chance of living. Chelsey also had to face horrible bullying in her school years, being given rude nicknames and other hostile behavior. Her family served as her form of support throughout the experience, allowing her to have the confidence to attend college and start a family. Listen in to see how Chelsey is proud of her uniqueness and acts as an ambassador for the Vascular Birthmark Foundation on the Living Full Out Show. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Plan for the Future with Keisha Greaves

Keisha Greaves was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy at just 24 years old, a condition that causes muscles to deteriorate. She first started noticing her body was responding abnormally when she was in graduate school. Keisha would repeatedly fall from her legs giving out, or find herself unable to lift objects in the kitchen. After numerous tests, her chronic illness was identified. Keisha felt uncertain about the future, but she relied on her family and therapy and learned to see the beauty in taking each day as it comes. Listen to the Living Full Out Show as Keisha shares how she overcame unexpected obstacles in life. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Bravely Letting Life Unfold with

Laura Cadieu

For over two decades, Laura Cadieu has lived with bipolar 1, a mental illness that causes periods of depression and mania. Laura first started noticing symptoms when she was twenty-five and inexplicably went off to France. When she returned home, she had to deal with the consequences of her spending and moving to a new location. The condition worsened to the point where she was having delusions and checked into a mental hospital. After working with therapists, journaling, and understanding her limits, Laura is now successful and employed at a healthcare company. Tune in to the Living Full Out show to hear Laura’s story and learn how bravely facing challenges will assist in your life unfolding. Be sure to check out her testimonial video on our YouTube channel!

Finding Peace in an Uncertain Future with Gerda Saunders

Gerda Saunders was diagnosed with dementia at the age of 61. She had been working at the University of Utah in a teaching and administrative role, but she realized something was wrong when she forgot half of a meeting she had chaired. At Easter, a similar event happened when she failed to cook the meal for her family. Gerda was distraught and for the first time, she felt as if a part of her had just melted away with her memory. In order to cope, she discovered the importance of self-care and finding her limits. Rather than giving dementia power over her life, she decided to research the timing of when to end her life on her own terms. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Gerda relies on family as her support system. Click to watch the her testimonial video.

Swimming through Adversity with

Jeff Float

Jeff Float suffered from spinal meningitis as an infant causing him to lose 90% of his hearing in one ear and 65% in the other. He found himself frustrated at a young age due to his hearing loss until he discovered swimming, which gave him the ability to be part of a team. Jeff soon progressed to the Olympic level and was set to compete in the 1980 games, but President Jimmy Carter boycotted the Moscow Olympics as a statement against communist aggression. Jeff overcame his disappointment by dominating at the 1984 games where he was a peer-elected team captain and swam a leg on the world-record-setting 800 freestyle relays, earning him a gold medal. Listen to Jeff connect his past experiences to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on athletes and encourage us to live every day like it’s the first of our lives. Click to watch the full testimonial video. 

Accepting Loss with Fran Sadin

As a mother, Fran Sadin had to overcome the death of a child at two separate times in her life. Jeffery, her youngest, died of Meningitis at 17 months old. When her old son, Steve, was 29 years old, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and renal disease, and passed away at the age of 43. Fran was distressed about why this was happening to her since she was a woman of faith, and she had difficulty understanding the purpose of her boys dying. Fran was able to better understand these feelings through writing. Over time, she realized the need to develop gratitude for the people she still had in her life, increasing her appreciation for family even more. Listen to Fran as she explains how she coped with grief, or watch the full video on YouTube.

Getting Over Life’s Greatest’s Hurdles with Mildred Muhammad

For years, Mildred Muhammad suffered domestic violence by her ex-husband. Throughout their marriage, he played psychological mind games and degraded her. She divorced him and took steps to protect herself against harm, but then he kidnapped her children and took them to Canada for 18 months. Mildred spent time caring for herself, mentally and physically, so she would have strength for her family when the kids came back. Soon after, the Witness Protection Program returned the children to her, and she resumed a new life on the East Coast. Little did she know her ex-husband would become the “D.C. Sniper,” murdering 10 people in his effort to kill her. Listen to Mildred explain how she maintained her strength and self-confidence in the face of danger. Click here to watch the full episode.

Opening Up to Others with

Christine Pattillo

Since a young age, Christine Pattillo has had Multiple Personality Disorder due to a history of mental illness and abuse in her family. In kindergarten, she realized other children didn’t have these “alters” and felt isolated in her situation. She spent the majority of her life struggling to hide the personas from her husband, family, and friends. After 10 years of marriage and 18 years of therapy, she had the strength to open up about her experience and discovered support and love. Today, she is more transparent about her life than ever and even wrote a book called I Am We: My Life with Multiple Personalities. Take a moment to watch Christine’s testimonial video. Then listen to the full episode to hear Christine explain how sharing her story with others allowed her to live full out.

Managing Loss with Brynn Johnson

Brynn Johnson lost her 17-month-old daughter in 2014 when she was accidentally struck by her friend’s car. Though she was in shock and disbelief, Brynn managed her roller coaster of emotions by being positive. She focused on herself through activities like finding a hobby and exercising, and then Brynn was blessed with another child—a great source of emotional healing. She went on to write a book and start a foundation that assists families dealing with loss just like hers. Listen to her testimony as Brynn explains how she came to terms with her grief through faith and positivity or click here the full episode.

Overcoming Your Limitations with

Abbey Curran

Abbey Curran was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of two. As a child, her gait was heavily affected, and she struggled with learning how to walk. While having cerebral palsy presented multiple hurdles, Abbey developed resourcefulness in facing her challenges. Although some people said it was impossible, Abbey listened to her heart and went for her dream: In 2008, she became the first disabled person to compete in and win Miss USA. Abby went on to found the Miss You Can Do It pageant, a national non-profit pageant for girls and women with special needs and challenges. Listen to her testimonial and then check out the full episode here. For other stories like this, check out our YouTube channel and learn to Live Full Out!

Discovering Who You Are with

Autumn Asphodel

As a young child, Autumn Asphodel suffered trauma and abuse from her mother. As a result, she developed a multiple personality disorder that caused her to feel disconnected from her body. For years, Autumn felt uncomfortable with who she was before her transition. She overcame these obstacles by bringing her personalities into one through integration and transforming her gender identity by way of hormones and a sex change operation. Now, Autumn has dedicated herself to a path of self-healing and is confident and happy with who she has become. Listen to Autumn talk about her journey of discovering her authentic self. Click to watch the testimonial video.

Life Keeps Going with Sandy Peckinpah

Sandy Peckinpah took her son to the doctor after he came home with a headache and fever. She was promptly told he had the type A flu. Later that night, at just 16, he passed away due to misdiagnoses of bacterial meningitis. After dealing with this sudden, traumatic event, Sandy journaled about her experiences, guiding her to start writing about her grieving process and recovery. Hear how Sandy was motivated to inspire others along the way through her new passion for journalism. Click to watch the full episode.

Moving Through Resistance with Jenni Grover

Jenni Grover grew up in an abusive household and dealt with neglect that caused various ailments from a young age. In her early twenties, Jenni was riddled with a string of diagnoses, from increased panic attacks to migraines. At twenty-five, she was told she had fibromyalgia along with anxiety and asthma. When she is confronted with people who are dismissive of her condition or if she has a particularly difficult day, Jenni understands the importance of a support system in maintaining mental health while managing a chronic illness. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Jenni share how she became her own advocate and how she discovered the resources to manage her illness. Jump over to our YouTube channel as Jenni shares her testimonial with us. 

Keeping Optimistic with Kat Harrison

At 15 years old, Kat Harrison contracted a bacterial ear infection that spread to her skull. During her 8-week antibiotics treatment, while successfully healing her, the high dosage disrupted Kat’s balance. She had to relearn how to walk, undergo multiple surgeries, and withstand daily chronic migraines. Despite being diagnosed with SUNCT syndrome, another rare condition, she is a true warrior. Kat’s supreme optimism motivates her to celebrate her own journey and milestones. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Kat share her incredible path and how she manages frustrations. Watch Kat’s testimonial about her experience on YouTube.

Reinvent Yourself with

Dr. Aundrea T Harris

Dr. Aundrea T. Harris had to endure one of her biggest challenges when she was involved in a five-car pile-up on July 8, 2016. Being the first car hit on impact, she banged her head on the dashboard multiple times, leading to a traumatic brain injury. While the weeks afterward were challenging and disheartening, through her relationship with God and meditation, Aundrea was on a journey to rediscover herself. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Dr. Aundrea T Harris used her inner strength. Click to watch her testimonial video on YouTube.

The Journey to Acceptance with

Jeanine Hoff

Jeanine Hoff struggled with OCD, anxiety, and depression. As a busy mother of three and working 70 hours a week, she neglected her psychological well-being, and did not realize her life was spiraling out of control and her mental health was declining. Jeanine got to the point where she considered suicide, but hospitalization gave her a new perspective where she was able to meet others going through similar experiences. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Jeanine came to accept treatment through internal reflection. Click to watch the full testimonial video!

Discovering Coping Skills with

Shoshana Bennett

Shoshana Bennett suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her two children. As soon as her first child was born, Shoshana immediately experienced severe doubt and anxiety. She felt shame and conflict while still at the hospital, which smothered joy for her newborn. She had to deal with professionals who dismissed her symptoms and her husband who was unable to understand her condition. Shoshana combated suicidal thoughts, but she was able to keep going by remembering her family needed her as a mother. She then used her experience to assist women in recovering from postpartum depression by putting together recovery plans so they would not have to struggle as she did. Click to watch Shoshana’s testimonial video, and listen to her full story on the Living Full Out Show.

Beat the Odds with Kechi Okwuchi

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian-born singer who lived through a plane crash on December 10, 2005. She was one of two survivors out of a total of 109 passengers. She suffered third degree burns over 65% of her body and underwent multiple intensive surgical procedures in South Africa. Instead of succumbing to survivor’s guilt, Kechi decided to keep moving forward and honor the lives of those who passed away by working and accomplishing her goals. She relied on her faith and family as a support system, finished high school in America and went on to college. She later auditioned for America’s Got Talent and became a top 10 finalist. Kechi speaks about gaining control of her life again on the Living Full Out show. Listen to her story in her testimonial video.

Getting Through the System with

Lydia Joyner

By the time Lydia was 18 years old, she had lived in 35 different homes, had 18 social workers, and changed her name 4 times as a foster child. Her mother suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was unable to care for her, so Lydia was taken away. She was also unable to go to college because she would have been placed back into the system. Now, as an adult, Lydia works in the film industry and tries to raise awareness about the challenges that American children endure within the foster care system. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Lydia talk about her difficult journey and the ability to adapt and overcome change. Click to watch her testimonial video.

Running Toward Hope with Michael Veltri

Michael Veltri battled with testicular and lung cancer beginning at age 34. Instead of retreating from the disease in fear, he used his background as a decorated Marine combat veteran to keep going. He thought he had recovered, but he was then given the diagnosis that cancer had spread to his lungs. Michael went through aggressive chemotherapy every day for three months and ended up with one and a half lungs. Through his support structure of family and friends, he was able to survive the experience. In 2010, Veltri even formed a team to run in a marathon for the American Cancer Society. Listen to the Living Full Out Show as Michael shares how he overcame his challenges. Watch his testimonial video for even more of his story!

Using Passion to Build a Legacy with

Nic Novicki

Nic Novicki, made a successful career for himself in the entertainment industry despite being born with a rare form of dwarfism called Pseudoachondroplasia that was undetectable until he was 2 years old. He had numerous surgeries beginning at the age of 11 to reconstruct his knees, legs, and pelvis so he could walk, and he constantly grappled with pain. Nic found his purpose through using his life to change the perspective of the TV industry as he felt people with genetic deformities needed to be more represented in Hollywood. He decided to create his own Disability Film Challenge to give people with genetic conditions a chance in the spotlight, which was a massive success with films from 12 different countries. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Nic tell his story. Be sure to watch his testimonial video on YouTube!

Get Fueled in Life with Trina Martin

Trina grew up the youngest of four and often was verbally put down by her mother. Trina began to seek the love, she didn’t receive at home through relationships with men. At the age of 23 Trina rushed into her first marriage due to the pressure coming from her mother and brother. Trina endured abuse in this relationship and barely made it out alive. She realized her second marriage was only to fulfill her need to make up for her mistakes in her previous relationship. Trina was married for a third time and had two beautiful children. Even though the marriage didn’t last, Trina and her ex-husband are great parents. Later on in life Trina’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After Trina’s mom passed, she still had feelings of resentment towards her mother. Trina learned to rely on her faith to overcome the negativity and grudges she held on the inside. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Trina recognized her worth throughout the obstacles she faced. Click here to hear the full episode.

Choosing to Get up and Do the Right Thing with Brenda Combs

At the age of 5 Brenda was called a racial slur that lowered her self esteem. Throughout highschool Brenda was bullied by girls she hung out with that led her to choose to graduate early. Brenda was introduced to crack by her boyfriend when she was 21 and became addicted. She was unable to keep her jobs and lost her apartment. On a hot day, Brenda woke up in an alley and realized someone had stolen her shoes. After walking a mile barefoot, Brenda decided she needed to turn her life around. Today Brenda is the Founder of a program called Finding My Shoes Foundation which provides food, clothing, hygiene, and shoes to the homeless community. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Brenda found the strength to reinvent her life, and do the right thing. Click here to view her testimony.

Learn How to Pay attention to Coincidences with Sophia Demas

Sophia grew up in a loving family and always had a unique way of viewing the world. From a young age she was opposed to marriage and decided she wanted to keep her independence. Sophia started college under the impression that she wanted to be an artist and graduated in ten years as she developed a path for her future. When a friend introduced Sophia to a poem written by Buckminster Fuller, she realized her true passion for architecture. Although Sophia didn’t plan to be a wife, she found love with her husband Frank. In the course of their relationship Sophia was prompted to leave for good, before a book that she had once refused to open, changed her mindset. Sophia’s family expanded as she adopted a young Turkish girl from a homeless shelter run by her mentor. Sophia’s devotion to following her intuition led her to experience many miracles. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn how Sophia used the coincidences in her life to guide her onto the right path. Click here to hear the full episode.

Learn How to Remain Hopeful with Frances Jones

Frances grew up in a loving household and knew that one day she wanted a big family of her own. Frances was able to find the love of her life but struggled with being able to conceive. After dealing with pain and unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, she was later diagnosed with
endometriosis. Frances endured the judgment of others as she looked for answers and tried different treatments. Although Frances was a stepmother to her husband’s daughter, she still had more love to give. Frances and her husband went through the process of adoption and gained two special boys into their lives. Frances stayed persistent throughout her journey of motherhood. Tune in to the Living Full Out show to learn how Frances remained hopeful throughout her obstacles. Click on the link below to listen to the full episode. Click here to view Frances’ testimony.

Discover How to Use Humor to Get Through Difficult Moments With Frank King

Frank King was born into a comedic family that suffered from generational depression and suicide. Growing up he felt the loss of multiple family members as they died of suicide and he himself nearly followed in their footsteps. After filing bankruptcy in the years following the 2010 recession, Frank was on the brink of taking his own life, in hopes of easing the burden on his wife. In the months leading to his planned attempt, things started to get better as debt collectors stopped calling and he started working again. When Frank first took the stage to share his comedy with the world, he had an overwhelming sense of feeling at home. Getting back on his feet, he soon realized that he had so much more to share with the world than just comedy. Learning from his history of suicide, Frank found his calling in educating others on suicidal prevention. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how Frank used his humor to conquer each day and aid others in overcoming their pain. Click here to view Frank’s testimony.

Understanding the Power of Random Events With Diane Gilman

Diane Gilman grew up with a violent father and a neglectful mother. Without their support, she traveled to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. She faced more challenges later in life when her partner died of colon cancer, and the loss pushed her to the cusp of obesity. Middle-aged and grieving, Diane decided to turn her problem into an opportunity by designing stylish and comfortable jeans suitable for women of her age and body type. With only one hour on a live show to market her product, she sold out of 5,000 pairs within the first three minutes. Listen to Diane explain that youth is not a prerequisite to opportunity. Click here for the full episode on the Living Full Out show and discover how Diane made her mark, selling 20 million pairs of jeans in America alone. 

John Chisum discusses choosing not to reject our past

John Chisum has come full circle from a past of sexual trauma and drug abuse. As young as 5 years-old, a sexual violation occurred that altered his confidence and trust. He rejected his parent’s effort to discipline him which resulted in a lack of love he longed for. John only had his older brother to look up to for guidance and when his brother left home, marijuana and promiscuity heightened to an unhealthy habit. John was then invited into a retreat centered around Christianity. He finally felt the love, protection, and comfort he had been looking for. This safe space sparked a bond between John and God that goes unbroken. He began to sing and work in churches. He continued to network and was introduced to music publishing where he learned how to write and manage other artists. After recording “Firm Foundation”, the release set off his future in gaining support and traveling the world. Although his faith was strong throughout his career he had many moments of rejection, testing his passion and dedication. Listen to the Living Full Out show to learn how John created a new business, helping upcoming praise and worship artists. Click here to view his testimony.

By Choosing to Love You Live Full Out On Your Terms

Kat Rosenblatt has lived through life battling tremendous amount of tragedy and neglect to find strength and courage. While her father was physically and sexually abusive through her adolescence, Kat’s brother followed in his footsteps. Although she loved her mother, she once told kat you brought this on to yourself. Hearing this from a parental figure brought on the shame and guilt that silenced her for years. At just the age of 13 years-old, Kat was at a beach hotel with her family when she was approached by a woman named Mary. A sex trafficking ring was operating in the hotel, luring underage girls to be sold to older men. Her vulnerability engraved from her home life made her a target. These events became a domino effect leading to Kat dropping out of school and meeting someone in the columbian cartel. Then, 17 years-old, pregnant Kat was married and stuck. Education became her only channel to finding her voice. After law school and several degrees later, Kat works with the FBI as an advocate of taking down sex traffic rings. It was her own reward to save the women in a position she was once held in. Listen to the living full out show to hear dr. Kat’s full story on being a survivor, hero, doctor, and leader to women just like her. Click here to view Kat’s testimony.

Choose to be Open to Learning with Ellie Atherton

Ellie Atherton had spiritual moments at seven, which connected her to nature. This led her to start practicing herbal medicine throughout early adulthood. She also had a fear of death after the loss of her uncle. Then, one day, she received a pamphlet in the mail about becoming a nurse, which led to her career of working in hospice. Talking to patients approaching death has given her a new perspective on how to live, such as forgiving others instead of holding grudges. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn about how Ellie embraced life by looking at the passing away of others every day. Click here to view Ellie’s testimony.

Learn How to direct changes with Ben Ahrens

Ben Ahrens has always been an influence by advocating for fitness and personal development. He made a hobby into a skilled passion from teaching beach goers how to surf to traveling the world. While in West Africa for a competition, Ben contracted a parasite and was diagnosed with chronic neurological lyme disease. He was bedridden for 3 years, while still learning about his condition. One day, he had a pivotal experience when he took a deep breath and finally felt a slither of relaxation. He continued to stretch & meditate to control the mentality that was restricted for so long. Ben’s determination to feel better restored his body. Listen to the living full out show to hear how ben’s strength and extensive neurology research provided him an overwhelming full recovery. Click here to view his testimony.

Managing a traumatic injury with Hank Estrada

Hank Estrada is a trauma survivor who found his voice to advocate for men experiencing sexual violence. Growing up, Hank’s uncle molested him and was dismissed by his parents. Upon leaving his home environment, Hank decided to devote himself to God and was again sexually assaulted by a priest mentoring him. Despite openly sharing what had happened, the priest was protected and remains at the church to this day. After meeting his partner of nearly 40 years, Hank began writing his book, UnHoly Communion about his experience and is widely regarded as a protector for men facing predatory abuse. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn how Hank released his guilt and found a life full of love and safety. Click here to view his testimony.

Making the Best Out Of The Life You Are Given with Megan O’Donell

Megan O’Donnell represents a survivor of major changes from an early age into her adulthood. Just a few months before her college graduation, Megan found out she was carrying twins. The pregnancy matured her to prioritize her daughters without settling. Three months after giving birth, love was in her deck of cards when she met her now husband of 15 years. As her blended family and career continued to evolve, Megan attended the harvest music festival where the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting occurred. That day, Megan ran for her life miles away reaching the McCarran Airport. Her career of working in a bank for 9 years became no longer her focus. Megan felt responsible to honor the second chance of life she was given. Megan walked away from the corporate world to follow her goals of being a certified physical trainer, mindfulness coach, and blogger. Listen to the living full out show to hear how triggers of PTSD, working your dream job and earning your place in life allows Megan to live full out. Click here to view his testimony.

How You Can Live Full Out Learning How to Love with Ellie Peterson

Ellie Peterson began living full out when she learned how to love herself and maintain healthy habits. She was only 7 years old when her younger brother passed away. With a heavy cloud of grief hovering over her family, Ellie grew up differently than other children. She was 16 years old when she became pregnant. As marriage and more children followed, Ellie worked at a deli to cover the bills. . She began to quit smoking. As her family dynamic shifted with divorce, she wanted to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Ellie tapped into mindfulness which created sobriety. Her meditation instilled the belief that we are all meant to be happy. In her 40s, she met a man who has been wheelchair bound since age 16. They fell in love unconditionally. Although she went through two stages of appendix cancer, Ellie’s love for herself and everyone around her empowers the strength to share her story today. Listen to Living Full Out show to hear more about Ellie Peterson’s inspirational journey on grievance, romance, and motherhood. Click here to view Ellie’s testimony.

Finding Your Way Home with Robin Bartlett

Robin Bartlett is a Vietnam War veteran who grew up in a strict military family that could never stay in one place for long. To avoid being drafted, Robin enlisted in the ROTC at just 21 and was shipped off to Vietnam. To Robin, his pride came from looking after his men when he was in the airborne division. He was wounded at one point during his service, and while he bled out for four hours, he considered his life and his death. During these hours, Robin had time to have a long talk with himself and found a strong determination to live. After returning home from Vietnam, Robin struggled with PTSD. It was his wife who pushed him to write about his experiences, hug his children, and learn to say ‘I love you.’ Listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how writing and family welcomed Robin home and allowed him to live full out. Click here to view her testimony.

Katherine Switzer Prioritizes Joy In Her Life

“Life is meant to participate, not to speculate,” Katherine remembers hearing this phrase from her father while she was suffering through the feeling of insecurity at a young age. In college it was a coach who encouraged her to sign up for the Boston Marathon. She made history by doing so as the first official female runner. She took this personal achievement and wanted it for other women and did so by encouraging them to participate in the olympics. Tragedy struck when she decided to take a high dive to celebrate her birthday and raise money for charity. Since Katherine was so busy with work, her health suffered and she developed shingles after putting off getting vaccinated. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear more about how Katherine was able to succeed in her running career while also creating a non-profit called 261 Fearless, for women to feel supported as they face adversity. Click here to hear the full episode

Enduring difficult moments with Jann Simmons

Jann Simmons came from a tough upbringing, as her father passed away and her mother turned to alcohol in order to cope. She experienced lots of abuse throughout her childhood and because of this, she was taken to an orphanage. She felt like she had no support in her life. But Jann turned to God in order to find some hope. She later was put in charge of taking care of her sick grandmother where she faced even more abuse and was threatened with the one thing that she found guidance in, God. But she was able to overcome the horrible situation she was put in as a child. Her relationship with her faith got stronger as she went on to become a mother and author later on in life. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to listen to Jann share how her life came full circle and found her purpose. Watch his testimonial here.


Shifting Your Focus with Eric LeMarque

Eric LeMarque was a professional hockey player when he found his new love for snowboarding. During this time, he struggled a lot with addiction but ultimately knew he had to make a change in his life. In 2004 Eric went on a snowboarding trip when a large storm abruptly started. After going down the slope into the snow, he got stuck for 8 days. He was rescued and taken to the hospital where doctors told him his legs had to be amputated. Living with prosthetic legs was a new obstacle, but he was able to go back to the same mountain and get back to snowboarding. It was extremely rewarding for him to be able to do what he loves again. He still had a long journey of grief and forgiveness ahead of him, but after going through a near-death experience he realized why he was living his life. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to listen to Eric’s journey to recovery and the everyday challenges he faces. Watch his testimonial here.

Walking Through Life with Purpose with Shelly Rainey

Shelly Rainey discusses her struggles with enduring multiple miscarriages. At the age of 27 Shelly was seven months pregnant when a doctor was no longer able to find a heartbeat. While suffering from an unexpected miscarriage, Shelly was urged to get a hysterectomy due to uterine fibroids but refused as she continued to want to be a mother. After having a second miscarriage, Shelly eventually got her miracle and was able to give birth to the light of her life, Hannah. Experiencing loss in her life, Shelly was able to reflect on her feelings of grief to understand her way forward in life. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to learn about how Shelly used both her difficult and joyful experiences to determine her purpose in life. Watch her testimonial here.

Being Open with Alycia Anderson

Born with sacral agenesis, an underdevelopment of the spine, Alycia Anderson was wheelchair-bound since she was a child. Through her family’s support, and faith, Alycia knew she would have many hardships that she would have to overcome. From childhood up to adulthood she has been having continuous surgeries that have helped save her life. Being raised with parents that believed in inclusivity Alysia knew all her surgeries were only the steppingstone into tomorrow. Embracing her journey Alysia began to learn how to play wheelchair tennis at the age of four. Playing tennis allowed her to build confidence from an early age and become comfortable with her disability. With time Alysia began embracing who she was. Although she may not have known it at the time, she would meet her now-husband while competing in wheelchair tennis. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Alycia was able to find her purpose with the help of her family, faith, and husband. Click here to watch her testimonial.

Finding Closure with Jennifer Alemany

Jennifer Alemany was always a woman who believed in love and once she had it, she held onto it for as long as she could. However, at 33 years old she found out her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and had less then 30 days. Then after meeting the love of her life, only 6 months in, found out he too was also diagnosed with cancer. Facing two bouts of the same battle with the most precious people in her life, Jennifer felt like the rug had been pulled out from under her. After her tragic loss she found a will behind her that knew she wouldn’t be down for the rest of her life. Jennifer has since made amends with the word” cancer” and thanks to her yoga retreat and the commitment to her journaling, she was able to find a new connection and relationship with her beloved ones that were lost. Jennifer wants people to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Jennifer managed to push forward and find closure to continue living her journey. Click here to watch her testimonial.

Managing Stress with Jamie MacWhirter

Jamie MacWhirter struggled with stressful life experiences, but went on to provide community support for other PTSD survivors. Jamie’s childhood home went up in flames when he was 8 years old, and he saved his own life by jumping from the second-story window. At 17, he joined the military reserves and was drafted to Afghanistan. After forming lasting friendships, Jamie was attacked by Taliban missiles and grew weary from the daily warfare. Once he returned home, Jamie’s anxieties grew into troublesome nightmares, unidentifiable anger, and suicidal thoughts. Listen to the Living Full Out Show to hear how Jamie started his healing journey and created PTSD Buddies to assist those dealing with similar traumas. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Being An Advocate For Others with Susan Omilian

Susan grew up always having a strong desire to advocate for others. Going into law school during a time where it was uncommon for women to take that occupation, Susan wrote and published 50-page paper bringing the argument of sexual assault in the workplace into the eye of the people. As her career progressed, much success followed, such as lobbying in the state capitol, creating laws that would forever change the lives of others. Everything was looking up until at age 49 her world was turned upside down. Susan got a phone call that her niece, Maggie, had been shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend. Her focus remained on helping women but this time in a different way. Tune in to hear how Susan created workshops and wrote a novel to help others understand her nieces story and avenge her death. You can watch her testimonial on our YouTube channel here.

The Power of Music with Dustin Chapman

Dustin Chapman has a very rare condition which restricts his esophagus, making it impossible to eat. Despite this daily challenge, he found a zest for life through the power of his voice. Diagnosed with Achalasia in his senior year of high school, Dustin turned to music to fill the gap where words failed. With singing as his outlet, Dustin demonstrated that anyone can tackle hardships through unrelenting passion. After competing on American Idol and releasing a single on iTunes, Dustin continues to move forward with confidence. Tune in to The Living Full Out Show to hear how Dustin got his groove back as he lives full out. Click here to watch his testimonial. 

Pressing Forward with Khadijah Tuitt

Khadijah grew up in a household of drug use and neglect. Moving in with her grandmother at just 8 years old to escape the toxicity, the struggles only followed. At 13 she started selling drugs to put food on the table for her and her grandmother. Then at 19 she was caught and arrest, receiving a felony charge for selling crack cocaine. On top of losing her place in the medical program at school, the felony on her record continued to haunt and prohibit her from receiving her medical license. Tune in to hear how Khadijah persevered through years of rejection and today has her doctorate. Click here to watch her testimonial.

Being Resilient with Byrdy Lynn

Byrdy Lynn had a difficult upbringing filled with extensive trauma. At age 7 she found God as a light through the darkness of the constant abuse and sexual assault from her family and others around her. In 8th grade, the bullying at school, especially because of her race, became so exhausting that she attempted suicide. Even sports, her escape from it all, had been taken away due to discrimination. Mentally and physically drained, Byrdy went to Texas to get away and stay with family but instead found herself being betrayed and raped by someone she trusted. Listen in to hear how Byrdy deals with loss of her best friend while persevering to escaping her toxic environment. Click here to listen to the full episode. Watch her testimonial video on our YouTube channel.

Overcoming Addictions and Being Honest with Patrick Chester

Patrick Chester was just like the typical person until he became addicted to gambling. At the start, the gambling was innocent enough because it was all money he had earned, but quickly it spiraled into lying to his business partners and family. All it took was losing the battle with an initial attempt to rationalize stealing from others. Patrick truly hit rock-bottom once the consequences of his actions were actualized, and he had to serve jail time for his actions. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Patrick realized how this obsession took over his life and found the strength to turn to a path of honesty and integrity. Click to hear the full episode. Click to watch the testimonial video.

Living in the Moment with David Bersch

After years of feeling unhealthy and ignoring symptoms, David Bersch’s life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer at the age of 54. After months of following medical professional’s advice, he noticed the same symptoms pop up again, and at age 55, he was determined to have colorectal cancer. David’s battle to survive was the most difficult thing he had to endure, and it got worse once doctors had told him that the tumor was no longer contained. Throughout the various procedures and treatments, David had always kept a positive mindset. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how David’s most crucial battle was defeating the odds by finding optimism in the bleakest of scenarios and tapping into his thirty years of personal development to live full out. Click here to listen to the full episode. Watch the testimonial video on our YouTube channel!

Reaching for What You Want with Wendy Booker

Wendy Booker strives to live a fruitful despite dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. Although receiving the unfortunate diagnosis in 1998 Wendy never allowed the circumstances to determine the rest of her life. Instead chose to run 12 marathons and climb 7 summits of the world all the while battling with numbness down her left side. Now a speaker, and advocate for MS, Wendy shows us how to move past hardships and shows us how to be resilient. So, tune in to hear the lifelong adventurer conquer her fears and challenges to live full out. Be sure to watch her testimonial video on our YouTube channel!

Finding Your Rhythm with Luca Patuelli

Luca Patuelli was born with Arthrogryposis, a rare neuro-muscular disorder that his doctors barely knew anything about at the time. As a teenager, Luca found ways to be physically active, from skateboarding on his back to using outrigger skis to support his legs. At the age of 17, Luca hit a wall: he had a surgery that took away his ability to skateboard. Eventually, another door opened: the world of competitive breakdancing (BBoying). Now, Luca has carved out a home in the BBoy community, dancing across the nation with his team of all-stars, the Ill-Abilities. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear about how Luca found his rhythm through living life his own way. Click to watch his testimonial video.

How to Build Confidence with Terry Healey

Terry Healey was on top of the world until his life took a dramatic turn as he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, fibrosarcoma, at age twenty-one. This battle with fibrosarcoma required Terry to need over thirty surgeries in a long and grueling effort to reconstruct his face. Since then, Terry Healey has become an accomplished author of his memoir “At Face Value: My Triumph Over a Disfiguring Cancer,” which teaches others an essential lesson in preserving your confidence despite adversity. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Terry maintained the courage and determination to stay hopeful. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

It’s Never Too Late with Genevieve Piturro

Genevieve Piturro was a successful television marketing executive until she decided to dramatically change the direction of her life. In 2001, Genevieve founded the national non-profit, Pajama Program. With this organization, Genevieve began delivering pajamas and books to children in shelters. In the beginning, Genevieve struggled with the debt of starting her non-profit, until she discovered a magazine article that directed her on how to apply for donations and grants. Now, Genevieve is an international speaker, wife, strategy coach, and author. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Genevieve found the motivation and confidence to turn her passion into her career and chase after her dreams. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Being Patient with Rob Plasmas

Rob Plaskas’ life changed at the age of seventeen, when he found out his brain tumor needed to be removed. During surgery, Rob suffered from a ruptured vessel, causing a brain hemorrhage, and had to be put into an induced coma. After waking up from the coma, Rob started his journey of physical, speech, cognitive and emotional therapies in order to overcome the effects of his traumatic brain injury and depression. Now, Rob is the published author of his memoir and works to educate others about the realities of being a brain injury survivor. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Rob maintained the willpower and determination to stay hopeful throughout his recovery and to accomplish his dreams. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Being Grateful with Brandon Leuangpaseuth

Brandon Leuangpaseuth was 20 years old when he suffered a near death experience due to a car accident. He sustained a broken jaw, nose and collarbone, along with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that resulted in some loss of his short-term memory. Due to his injuries, the doctors placed Brandon into a medically-induced coma, which later resulted in him battling depression. Today, Brandon is a freelance copywriter, helping out individuals and businesses. Tune into the Living Full Out show to hear how Brandon gained the strength to overcome adversity by being grateful for life’s hurdles. Click here to watch his testimonial video.

Being Resourceful with Susan De Lorenzo

Susan De Lorenzo has experienced many adversities throughout her life. She has overcome multiple recurrences of breast cancer beginning at the age of thirty-eight. At the time, Susan felt immense stress and was worried she wouldn’t get the chance to watch her then eighteen month old son grow up. Additionally, while enduring the pain and treatment, Susan had to contend with a deteriorating relationship with her ex-husband and the discovery of his infidelity. During these difficult times, she remained resilient due to her faith and support from others. Today, Susan is a cancer survivor, published author, and thriving in her calling as a certified life coach. Tune in to the Living Full Out show to hear how Susan utilized her resources to overcome hardships. Click here to watch her testimonial video. 

Managing the Unexpected with Andrew Skinner

On November 26, 2004, Andrew Skinner suffered a spinal cord injury after a snowboarding fall, and broke his fourth, fifth, and sixth cervical vertebra. He was instantly paralyzed from the neck down and spent the next three months in the hospital. Slowly, through surgery and years of physical therapy, Andrew regained control of his body. He continues to work toward his goal of walking again, and stays active in a wheelchair with sports like Quad Rugby. In 2008, Andrew and his wife Kristin founded the Triumph Foundation to inspire people with spinal cord injuries. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Andrew relied on the support of family and friends, and went on to teach others how to persevere. Be sure not to miss his testimonial video!

Managing the Unexpected with Andrew Skinner

On November 26, 2004, Andrew Skinner suffered a spinal cord injury after a snowboarding fall, and broke his fourth, fifth, and sixth cervical vertebra. He was instantly paralyzed from the neck down and spent the next three months in the hospital. Slowly, through surgery and years of physical therapy, Andrew regained control of his body. He continues to work toward his goal of walking again, and stays active in a wheelchair with sports like Quad Rugby. In 2008, Andrew and his wife Kristin founded the Triumph Foundation to inspire people with spinal cord injuries. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Andrew relied on the support of family and friends, and went on to teach others how to persevere. Be sure not to miss his testimonial video!

Believing in Yourself with Lori Schneider

Lori Schneider was 43 when she woke up with numbness in half of her body and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Being an active person, she feared what this diagnosis would mean for her life and love of mountaineering. Lori stayed positive and went on to become the first person with MS to conquer the Seven Summits. Later in life, she was also diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, which got worse after the passing of a loved one. Today, Lori is an international speaker, creator of Empowerment Through Adventure, and an accomplished author. Tune into the Living Full Out show to hear how Lori created a positive mindset and the resilience to chase her dreams despite obstacles. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Rise Above Difficult Times with Michelle Dickinson

Michelle Dickinson grew up playing the role of child caregiver to her mother, who suffered from bipolar disorder. She kept her life a secret, until she joined a youth group, where she finally felt accepted. There, she was able to open up about her experiences dealing with her mother’s abuse and mental illness. Later in life, Michelle realized how the effects of her childhood influenced her two marriages. In her first, she married a man who manipulated and controlled her just like her mother. However, in the second marriage, Michelle began a journey of growth and self-discovery, but she still struggled with unhealthy codependency in her relationship. When she separated from her husband, Michelle found herself battling her own mental health, and she was diagnosed with depression. Today, she uses her stories of mental illness to advocate for and educate others. Tune into the Living Full Out Show to hear how Michelle rose above difficult times. Click here to watch her testimonial video.

Staying Positive with Christina Flach

Christina Flach has experienced tremendous grief and sorrow with the death of her loved ones. As a young child, she watched her mother battle cancer. As an adult, she married and had five children, but tragedy struck again on Christmas day when her 4-month-old son, Beau, passed away. Christina was struggling to cope with her sorrow, and then, in 2018, she had to face the loss of her husband—well known tennis professional, Ken Flach—who died from sepsis due to
his doctor’s negligence. Instead of mourning for the rest of her life, Christina decided to honor the memory of her loved ones by creating foundations and gardens. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Christina overcame loss in her life by staying positive. Click here to watch her testimonial video!

Being Grateful with Kechi Okwuchi

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian-born singer who lived through a plane crash on December 10, 2005. She was one of two survivors out of a total of 109 passengers. She suffered third degree burns over 65% of her body and had underwent multiple intensive surgical procedures in South Africa. Instead of succumbing to survivors’ guilt, Kechi decided to keep moving forward and honor the lives of those who passed away by continuing to work and accomplish her goals. She relied on her faith and family as a support system, and finished high school in America and went on to college. She later auditioned for America’s Got Talent and became a top 10 finalist. Kechi speaks about how she is thankful for the wonderful people who assisted her through her obstacles, making her a better person on the Living Full Out show. To hear more from Kechi on her testimonial, watch the video on our YouTube channel!

Staying Focused with Thomas Iland

Thomas Iland was diagnosed on the autism spectrum early in life after he did not speak for six months. While Thomas was a high-achiever academically in school, he found it difficult to make friends. Other students would would bully him, claiming certain girls liked him and then laughing at his struggle when he tried talking to them. Thomas relied on his family and socialization classes, which allowed him to focus on overcoming his troubles with skills and becoming the superhero in his own life. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Thomas created goals for himself and embraced his unique superpowers. Watch his testimonial video on our YouTube to hear more of his story.

Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Dennis Gillan

Dennis Gillan was a junior in college when he got an unexpected phone call from his parents: his older brother Mark had passed away from suicide. Dennis started using alcohol and other substances as a coping mechanism. Ironically, eleven years later, he got another call that his younger brother Matthew had also committed suicide. Dennis became sober and used therapy to recuperate, but he still found it difficult to talk about the experiences. In 2010, he found his purpose by speaking about mental health and suicide to spread awareness on the issue. Listen to the Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari to hear how Dennis turned his tragedies into triumph. Click here to view his testimonial video.

Being An Original with Peggy O’Neill

At 3’8”, Peggy O’Neill looks at life from a different perspective. Around fourth grade, people started noticing she was short for her age, and being teased about her dwarfism resulted in suicidal thoughts and anxiety. Despite encountering these challenges in life, Peggy reached out to others for support, and learned how to appreciate the beauty in her originality. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Peggy discuss the importance of carving your own path despite societies expectations. Click here to watch to her testimonial video.

Finding Your Purpose by Supporting Others with Kevin Briggs

Kevin Briggs has been through numerous hurdles in his life. At age 20, he was in the army and diagnosed with testicular cancer but defeated it. Then, only 6 years later, he lost he mother to lung cancer. In his late thirties, Kevin’s trials continued when he suffered head trauma after a motorcycle accident on the job as a California patrolman. Then, a few years later, he dealt with symptoms of a heart attack. Despite all these trials in his life, Kevin never lost hope, and he acted as a source of good for others when he became a highway patrol officer at the Golden Gate Bridge. He talked people off the ledge and prevented multiple suicides; this experience led him to become an advocate for mental health—especially given his own diagnosis of depression. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Kevin uses the idea of listening to understand and support others and how he realized his purpose through life experiences. 

Moving Forward with Marica Phipps

By age 28, Marica Phipps had already survived one life-threatening incident of domestic abuse. Despite this traumatic event, she welcomed her boyfriend back in the home. It was only after a second near-deadly attack that Marica found the strength to remove him from her life and seek justice through the judicial process. Her tragic experience with domestic abuse gave rise to her non-profit organization, “Battered not Broken,” that offers support and guidance to other survivors. Listen to Marica as she explains the trauma she endured and how she moved forward and away from her past.  Watch the full video here on YouTube.

Having Patience with Mandy Meehan

Before her wedding at the age of twenty, Mandy Meehan thought she had a case of mononucleosis due to the symptoms she was experiencing. As time went on, her pain worsened to the point where she had to change her eating habits and leave her job as a youth pastor due to chronic fatigue. In an effort to deal with her unknown condition, Mandy fell in love with nutrition, and she started to share her story on YouTube in the hopes that she would find others with a similar mindset and experiences. Through patience, she finally found a doctor who would come up with the correct diagnoses and assist on her road to recovery. Today, Mandy shares her story on social media in order to educate and inspire others to live healthier. Listen to Mandy encourage hopeful thinking and tenacity or watch the full video.

Dealing with Grief with Emily Gram

During Christmas of 2015, Emily Gram’s seven-year-old son fell ill with strange symptoms like loss of mobility and fever, so he was taken to the ER. As the doctors tried to do a spinal tap, things spiraled out of control. Emily tried staying calm, but soon after she lost her son to an undiagnosed hereditary blood disorder. Through this difficult time, she remained resilient for the sake of her other two children. After going through the stages of grief, she encouraged others to lean in and accept deep emotions – balancing the heaviness of them with the happiness of daily life. Click to listen to Emily share how she dealt with grief. Be sure to watch Emily’s testimonial video about her interview with Nancy. 

Finding Your Purpose with

Tiffany Ketterman

Tiffany Ketterman grew up in a home where she felt restricted from expressing herself because of the large number of siblings, including brothers and sisters with disabilities. She struggled with her identity and started filling a caretaker role with people, which led to emotional and physical abuse in romantic relationships. After multiple dysfunctional partners, she decided to get guidance from a counseling service. Tiffany made choices to take control of her life, such as going to the gym more and focusing on her daughter, grandchildren, and career. Tiffany shares her testimonial in this short video. Listen to Tiffany explain how she found her purpose and reclaimed her life by watching the full episode here.

Creating Wins with Diana Moshier

From the age of five to fifteen, Diana Moshier was physically and sexually abused by her alcoholic stepfather. Growing up in a traumatic environment, Diana matured quickly and tried to use her intelligence to prevent the assaults. She took on the protector role in her family, while also starting to drink at age twelve to cope with the tumult in her life. Later on, Diana relied on her friends as grounding influences and they took care of her. She also relied on her faith to persevere, find love, and, ultimately, forgive her father. Listen as Diana explains how she created wins throughout her life. For the full episode, listen on Spreaker.

Miracles Do Happen with Patti Foster

Patti Foster suffered a traumatic brain injury after a tractor-trailer slammed into the back of her car. She was flung onto the highway after the impact and skidded across multiple lanes of traffic. She woke up five days later from a coma, unable to make any noise and without recollection of her previous life. Patti had to relearn every single function of living, like how to swallow food and use a spoon to eat. By being persistent and leaning on her family members for support, she was able to function and speak again. Listen to hear how Patti overcame these tough circumstances and learned the importance of using every moment to make a difference. Click to watch the full episode.

Moving Past Mistakes in Life with

Zachary Gauvin

Zachary Gauvin was in a serious car accident related to his drinking that resulted in numerous internal and external wounds and being placed in a medical coma. He sustained a traumatic brain injury that resulted in having to relearn how to walk, talk, and use his left side. Through his dedication to physical therapy and intensive training with his mom, Zachary was back to playing baseball and even offered the chance to be a walk-on for the University of Massachusetts. Hear how Zachary used his determination and pragmatism to overcome this life obstacle, surviving all odds and assisting others along the way. Click to watch the full episode.

Perseverance is Key with

Jami Marseilles

Jami Marseilles was trapped in a car for 11 days during a blizzard and had to have both of her legs amputated after they were affected by gangrene. Following months of painful rehabilitation, Jami was able to walk with prosthetics, and through physical therapy, she discovered her love for running. Eventually, she became a Paralympic runner, winning several gold medals and setting numerous world records. Jami is currently the only “double below the knee amputee” woman in the world to have successfully completed both a half marathon and full marathon. She was able to get to where she is today by making adjustments to her life path and dream. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Jami preserved. Watch Jami’s testimonial on our YouTube channel!

Celebrating Life with Donna Wiegle

In 1990, Donna was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer; however, after thirty years of being cancer free, April 2016 brought the devastating news that she had Ovarian Cancer with a five-year prognosis. When she initially received the second diagnosis, she was undergoing chemotherapy and developed the painful side effect of neuropathy, which created a rapid decline in her quality of life. Three years into her battle, Donna decided to take life by the horns and do things that were important to her. She took her Harley on the road, and she now travels across the country for her Ovarian Cancer Tour called “Teals on Wheels” where she shares her journey with others. Listen to The Living Full Out show to hear Donna recount her experiences and how she lives in the moment. Be sure to watch Donna’s testimonial about her experience on our YouTube channel!

Come Out and Live with Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird, born as a girl, found he was most comfortable wearing male clothing and acting like a tomboy. Toward the end of college, he discovered the transgender community, and for the first time he realized the possibility of being a gender other than female. After 6 years of reflection and countless hours preparing packets to inform friends and family about being transgender, he transitioned in 2015. Jackson’s story has continued to inspire others to have the confidence to come out. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Jackson speak about being true to himself. Be sure to watch Jackson’s testimonial video on YouTube.

Developing Resilience with

Jason Schechtertle

Jason Schechtertle’s life was altered the night of March 26, 2001 on his 10-hour long shift as a Phoenix Police Officer. Tragedy struck when his patrol car was ferociously hit by a taxicab at 100 mph, causing his car to immediately explode and trapping him inside. Jason survived the crash, but he was in a medically induced coma for 2 months while undergoing multiple surgeries, including rebuilding his nose. Jason had to find his own way to independently perform everyday tasks like talking and eating. He always set goals for himself and recognized the best way to deal with changes to his body was understanding that his character and heart would always remain the same. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Jason keeps moving forward, and click here to watch his testimonial video.

Turning Tragedies into Triumphs with Debbie Salamone

In 2004, Debbie Salamone was attacked by a shark in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Her Achilles tendon was severed, requiring therapy and surgery to recover. Instead of allowing this experience to become a permanent fear, Debbie used it as motivation to bring about change. She is the founder of the organization Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation, which promotes international trade protections, as well as being an officer for The Pew Charitable Trust. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear how Debbie turned tragedy into a triumph. Click to watch the full episode.

Escaping Darkness with

Paula Rumbolt

Paula Rumbolt suffered domestic violence from her husband. He manipulated her emotionally for years, and once they were married, he physically assaulted her, threatened her with their children, and isolated her from people she knew. She escaped the abusive relationship with her children because of the support from her pastor and parents. Paula was able to courageously report him to the police for physical violence against the family, and she relied on her faith to overcome fear. She went on to become a social service worker and navigate others through similar experiences. Listen to Paula as she shares her insights on the Living Full Out show. Watch her testimonial video on YouTube!

Dedicating Life with Kristine Greer

Kristine Greer was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer, and the prognosis was dismal, because it was 100% resistant to chemotherapy. Kristine developed a personal wellness routine to take care of herself like being surrounded by positive people. After surgery, she found that, miraculously, the cancer did not return. Inspired by her friend Charlene Postigo who also suffered from the illness, Kristine founded and became executive director of Charlene’s Light, a foundation dedicated to curing ovarian cancer. Listen to the Living Full Put show to hear how Kristine used her experiences to be a source of positivity for others. Watch her testimonial video for even more of her story!

Turn Your life around with Ethan Fisher

At the age of 23, Ethan Fisher was charged with vehicular homicide while under the influence of alcohol. As a teenager, he struggled with peer pressure, depression, and drugs, and used illegal substances to fit in. He failed out of college and began drinking in an attempt to die, bottling up his emotions and fears. After the fateful night of the crash, Ethan spent three years in prison. He found his purpose through self-discipline and speaking to others about his experience, and makes a better world from his past mistakes. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Ethan talk about his life. Be sure to watch his testimonial video on YouTube.

Surviving Tragedy with Roseann Sdoia

Roseann Sdioa is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. While she was with her friends watching the race, she heard an explosion and began to run but turned straight into the second bomb. Roseann saw a white light underneath her feet and found herself blown off the ground. When she landed, she was carried to safety but knew then her right leg was gone. She was taken to the hospital in a police van, and fought to stay conscious. Roseann survived, but she had to learn how to adapt to her new life, like walking with a prosthetic leg. From the tragedy, she discovered how to stay positive and accept help from others. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Roseann share her story. Click to watch her testimonial video.

Bouncing back with Casey Berna

Casey Berna developed Endometriosis at age 14, which causes infertility and severe pain. At first, she thought it was a painful period and did not receive treatment. Casey was in constant pain from the disease, as it was impacting many systems in her body and causing illness. It was not until she tried to have children that she received the diagnosis. After fertility treatments, she was finally able to conceive a daughter with her husband. After two excision surgeries, Casey regained a quality of life she thought impossible and decided to use her journey to educate others about the condition. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Casey speak about her experience. Learn even more about her story from her testimonial video!

The Road to the New

Justin Willoughby

Justin Willoughby weighed an astonishing 799 pounds at age 16. He recognized he had a food addiction at a young age and struggled with a fear of death and anxiety. In order to overcome these feelings, Justin used faith as a motivator to change his life and found people who inspired him on his journey. He lost a staggering 600 pounds without drugs or surgery, and became an advocate for all people grappling with weight loss. Even though he continued to battle with his weight, he used these experiences to inspire others in his book One Step Method: A Step by Step Plan for Permanent Weight Loss. Listen to the Living Full Out show to hear Justin share how he stayed fixed on his goal to stay healthy. Click to watch the testimonial video on YouTube.