Testimonials From Our Clients

Perseverance is Key with Jami Marseilles

Jami Marseilles was trapped in a car during a blizzard and had to have both of her legs removed after the accident. After months of painful therapy, she was able to walk with prosthetics and decided that her dream was to become a Paralympic runner. Jami now competes internationally, has won several gold medals and as set numerous world records. Jami is currently the only “double below the knee amputee” woman in the world to have successfully completed a half marathon and full marathon. She was able to get to where she is today by making adjustments to her life path and dream. Hear how Jami was inspired to go after her visit and her experience on the Living Full Out Show. Click here to listen how Jami perservered through her challenges.

Moving Through Resistance with Jenni Grover

In her early 20’s, Jenni was riddled with a string of diagnosis, from Asthma to Thyroid disease. Jenni struggled to get her symptoms under control and through different diet regimes and medications, it was over the years she finally found success in a combination treatments. Dealing with limited options throughout life, Jenni understands the resistance to wanting more out of life however that never stopped her. Listen to Jenni share her story of her experience being on the Living Full Out Show. Click here to listen how she inspires women of having a better life thorugh her blob on ChronicBabe. Click on the video to watch the full episode.

Keeping Optimistic With Kat Harrison

At 15 years old, Kat Harrison contracted the rare bacterial infection in her ear and skull leading to a life of battles. During her 8 week antibiotics treatment, whilst successfully beating the infection, the high dosage had disrupted her balance system causing the rare neurological disorder Oscillopsia. Now having to constantly struggle with her balance, undergone 14 surgeries and daily chronic migraines, Kat epitomizes a true warrior in life. Her supreme optimism allows her to fight on and strive her to achieve her goals. Becoming an established writer, Kat took her skills to several magazines allowing her voice to be heard and her story to be shared. So, click here to listen to Kat share her incredible journey of her Daily life and her experience being on the Living Full Out Show and click on the videobelow to watch the full episode.


Celebrating Life with Donna Wiegle

In 1990, Donna was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, however after 30 years of being cancer free, April 2016 brought the devastating news that she had Ovarian Cancer with a 5 year prognosis. Nevertheless, now 3 years into her battle, she has decided to take life by the horns and do things that were important to her. When she initially received the second diagnosis, she was undergoing chemotherapy, however developed the painful side effect of neuropathy which she found was rapidly declining her quality of life. Therefore taking her Harley on the road, she now travels across the country for her Ovarian Cancer Tour called Teal on Wheels share her journey with others  So, click here to listen to Donna as she tells her experience on being on the Living full out show and expresses how she lives in the moment. Click on the videos to watch the full episode


Come Out and Live With Jackson Bird

Jackson Bird publically came out as a Transgender and everyday has been committed to standing up for the voices of his community and educating people on their lifestyle. Having to face the misconceptions of what other people think, Jackson has been dealing with the preconceived stigma of his experiences his entire life and discovered that once coming out he would never stop. Nevertheless, being willing to face a new reality to be truly happy with himself. Jacksons story has continued to inspire others to have the confidence to come out and live their truths. So click here to listen to hear Jackson relate his story on being on the Living full Out Show. Click on the video below to watch the full episode


Re-Invent Yourself With Dr. Aundrea T Harris

Dr. Aundrea T. Harris had to endure one of her biggest challenges when she was involved in a 5 car pile-up. Being the first car hit on impact, she banged her head on the dashboard several times leading to a Traumatic Brain Injury. During her recovery, the first few weeks were the most challenging and disheartening, however through perseverance, and many uncomfortable adjustments, Aundrea was a journey to a reinvented self and live her best life. Today she has now built a support network for females so others will feel guidance through their struggles and be able to find aid together. So click here to hear Dr. Aundrea T Harris relate her story on being on The Living Full Out Show and click on the link below to watch the full episode.


Developing Resilience with Jason Schechtertle

Jason Schechtertle had a dream to be a Phoenix Police Officer. Tragedy struck 14 months into his lifelong career, tragedy struck when his patrol car was ferociously hit at 100mph causing immediate explosion and trapping him in the car. In miraculous circumstances, Jason, survived the crash and went to undergo a plethora of surgeries after suffering burns to 40% of his body. After plus 50 surgeries, Jason had to find his own way to independently perform the everyday task. Today tours around the world to share his journey on how he overcame unimaginable adversity. So click on the link to hear Jason relate his story on being on The Living Full Out Show and click here to watch the full episode.


Keep Making adjustments with Jodi Michele Cooley

Jodi Michele Cooley was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the young age of 32 after growing up watching her mother with the same condition. Nevertheless, Jodi decided not to let her new condition slow her down and chose to constantly adapt and make adjustments so she could live full out. Now accepting the progression of a cane to a walker to a scooter, Jodi has inspired others to view your circumstances in a positive light so you are still able to remain optimistic and live a fulfilled lifestyle. So click on the video below to watch the full episode, and click HERE to hear Jodi’s thoughts on being an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show. 


The Road to the New Justin Willoughby

Justin Willoughby weighed an astonishing 799 pounds at the young age of 16. He was told that if were not to redirect his life into losing weight, then he wouldn’t be able fulfill his life span. From only being able to stand up and sit down, he lost a staggering 600 pounds without the use of drugs or surgery and became an advocate for all people struggling with weight loss. Now doing 5k runs, he has shown that through healthy eating and discipline in exercise that the most difficult challenges can be achieved. Listen in as he shares he thoughts as an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show and click HERE to watch the full episode. 


Beat the Odds with Kechi Okwuchi

Kechi Okwuchi is a Nigerian-born singer who lived through a plane crash on December 10, 2005. She was one of the two survivors on the plane that carried 109 total passengers. She suffered third degree burns over 65% of her body and had underwent multiple intensive surgical procedures since. Kechi finished high school in America and went on to pursue a graduate degree after college. She then later auditioned for America’s Got Talent and became a top 10 finalist. Kechi speaks on being an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show. Listen to her story by clicking HERE!


Turning Tragedies into Triumphs with Debbie Salamone

Discovering Coping Debbie Salamone was attacked by a shark in 2004, off the coast of Florida. Her Achilles tendon was severed, and she needed therapy and surgery to recover. However, instead of allowing this experience to turn into a fear, she decided to use it as a motivation to bring about change. She is the Founder of the organization called Shark Attack Survivors for Shark Conservation, and she also promotes international trade protections. Listen in as she relates her story as an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show. Click HERE to watch the full episode!


Escaping Darkness with Paula Rumbold

Paula Rumbolt had lived in domestic violence for 11 years. She managed to escape that abusive relationship, went to school, and became a Social Service worker as well as a licensed paralegal. Listen to Paula’s excitement as she shares her experience as a guest on the Living Full Out Show. Listen by clicking HERE or watch the full episode by clicking HERE! 


Turn your Life Around with Ethan Fisher

At the age of 23, Ethan Fisher was charged with vehicular homicide under the influence of alcohol. After three years in prison, Ethan turned his life around. He went to college, graduated, and has had numerous accomplishments and achievements. Watch Ethan speak on his experience as a guest on the Living Full Out Show. Listen to the full episode by clicking HERE or watch the full video HERE!


Surviving Tragedy with Roseann Sdoia

Roseann Sdioa is a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing attack. She was running when she heard an explosion and saw a white light underneath her feet. Knowing at that point she lost a leg, Roseann continued to fight and stay conscious. Hear Roseanne thank Nancy for allowing her to share her story on the Living Full Out Show. Click HERE to watch the full episode and listen to her tale of triumph over tragedy. Click HERE to listen!


Nic Novicki Gives Thanks to Nancy Solari

Nic Novicki, made a successful career for himself in the entertainment industry despite being born with a rare form of dwarfism called Pseudoachondroplasia. Nic wanted to change the perspective of the TV Industry where he felt that people with genetic deformities weren’t as overly exposed in Hollywood. Therefore, decided to create his own Disability Film Challenge to give people with genetic conditions a chance in the spotlight and to live their dreams and Live Full Out. To listen to Nic’s full video on the Living Full Out Show, click HERE


Here What Mentors Say About Her: Susan Levin

These people play a particular role in the buildup of Nancy’s career.  Listen to an insight of Nancy’s mentors as they explain the growth and development of what Nancy has become. Hear from Susan Levin, Founder of Speaker Services; Jack Barnard, Master Coach; and Dr. Aliah Majon, Founder of Soul Technology Institute all give their own personal account of how Nancy has taken the lessons she’s learnt and applied it in a way far greater than they could have imagined. Click on the link below to hear more.


An Inside Look of Nancy from Friends and Family

A strong support network is a key ingredient to life and happiness. Nancy Solari has an encouraging network of friends and family, who share their confidence in her and Living Full Out. Listen in to these testimonials to hear where Nancy’s inspiration all started.

The Journey to Acceptance with Jeanine Hoff

Jeanine Hoff has struggled with OCD, anxiety, and depression. At first, she was neglecting herself internally, for she is a busy mother of three and worked very hard in her community. However, her mental health kept on spiraling downwards. She was even pushed to the limit in considering suicide. She confesses how hospitalization gave her a new perspective. She accepted her struggles and received professional help. She also founded her own non-profit organization called Where is the Sunshine to approach mental health with the use of peer support. Listen in as she relates her story as an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show. Click HERE to watch the full episode!




Discovering Coping Skills with Shoshana Bennett

Shoshana Bennett is a second-generation Army veteran who unexpectedly joined a military career. During a convoy, her and 5 other soldiers were ambushed and taken prisoner. Once rescued, Shoshana then had to battle the after effects of post partem depression and taking care of her husband who suffered from ALS. Years ago, she lost sight of herself dealing with post partem, however during the period of taking care of her husband, Shoshana learned how to also manage her anxieties. To listen to Shoshana’s full video, click HERE.


Dedicating Life with Kristine Greer

Kristine Greer was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer over twelve years ago. She was inspired by a dear friend named Charlene Postigo to create a foundation dedicated to curing Ovarian Cancer. Kristine then founded and became executive director of Charlene’s Light. Kristine shares her experience as an inspirational guest on the Living Full Show. Click HERE to listen or watch the full episode by clicking HERE!


Getting Through the System with Lydia Joyner

By the time Lydia was 18 years old, she lived in 35 different homes, had 18 social workers, and changed her name 4 times. Her mother suffered from paranoid Schizophrenia and was unable to care for her. Her cousin, with whom she was very close, was raped and murdered at 18 years of age. Now as an adult, she founded a program called “My Sky Is Falling”, an immersive story driven experience created to highlight the challenges that American children endure within the foster care system. In this video, Lydia praises Nancy and the Living Full Out Show for allowing her the opportunity to share her story. You can listen to the full episode by clicking HERE


Hit it Out of the Park with Jim Mecir

Jim Mecir was born with clubfeet. He required many surgeries just to be able to walk. He fought through and went on to become a quality relief pitcher for 11 seasons, primarily with the Oakland Athletics. Listen to Jim praise Nancy and the Living Full Out Show by clicking HERE or watch the full episode by clicking HERE


Hit it Out of the Park with Jim Mecir

Jim Mecir was born with clubfeet. He required many surgeries just to be able to walk. He fought through and went on to become a quality relief pitcher for 11 seasons, primarily with the Oakland Athletics. Listen to Jim praise Nancy and the Living Full Out Show by clicking HERE or watch the full episode by clicking HERE


Running with Michael Veltri

Michael Veltri is a decorated Marine combat veteran, entrepreneur, bestselling author, testicular cancer survivor, and business transformation keynote expert. In 2010, Veltri formed a team to run in a marathon for the American Cancer Society. His team raised more than $30,000 to help fund cancer research and provide programs as well as services to patients and survivors. Listen as he praises Nancy after being a guest on the Living Full Out Show. To watch the full episode, click HERE!


Bouncin Back with Casey Berna

Casey Berna was diagnosed with Endometriosis at the age of 26. After fertility treatments, she was able to conceive a daughter with her husband. Casey was in constant pain from the disease as it was impacting many systems in her body, causing sickness. After two excision surgeries, Casey regained a quality of life that she thought was impossible to get back. Watch as she speaks about her experience as an inspirational guest on the Living Full Out Show. Click HERE to watch the full episode!

“Nancy is challenged in terms of her eyesight; she has what’s called RP and she’s legally blind, but you would never know it. She gives 110% of herself, but what she does also is empower people like me to move forward in my life. I have never seen anyone who can meet any odd, overcome it, and turn obstacles into invitations to do better. So if you’re interested in changing your life, if you’re interested in impacting the world, if you’re interested in being better than you ever thought that you could be, then Living Full Out and Nancy Solari are for you.”

Dr. Aliah Majon, Soul Technology Institute
(Founder and Director)

“I would describe Nancy Solari as professional, personable, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. Nancy is a natural and powerful speaker. She engages the audience and moves people to both tears and laughter as she shares her stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.”

Desiree Doubrox, An Empowered Woman

“Her presence as a guest speaker at our October 2010 open house was truly a success. Many guests are still talking about her enthusiasm and her calm demeanor. She touched the nearly 400 guests in attendance. Her words were spoken to inspire, motivate and give vital information about never giving up. Nancy has been an inspiration to me; just hearing her voice lifts me up. She is truly a wonderful human being working everyday and doing her part to instill courage and support amongst the blind and visually impaired community.”

Tina Herbinson, Braille Institute Library
(Reader Services Manager)

“Your participation as a featured presenter for the “Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs”, opening session contributed to the success of this event. Your Full Out message was dynamic and inspirational and set the tone for the conference. You shared with our audience that to live Full Out is to not sit along the sidelines…but to commit, step onto the court and play Full Out! You gave them the tools to tap into inner strength for greatness and how to recognize true talent and potential. I genuinely appreciated your professionalism in planning the event and ability to engage the audience.”

Sallie A. Salinas, Women’s Entrepreneurs
(Director of Institute)

“Nancy is truly an effective speaker who is able to engage and connect to everyone in attendance, often sharing examples of her life’s journey that on many levels every woman in attendance was able to resonate with. So if you are looking for a guest speaker that is not only going to inspire, but have your attendees walk away with tools and suggestions to help reach their personal goals, I highly recommend Nancy Solari.”

Susan Bargary, Boston Scientific (Vice President)

“Ms. Solari speaks with energy and enthusiasm and connects with her audience teaching and inspiring through humor, experience, and thought-provoking topics. She keeps her audience engaged and entertained.”

Stephanie D. Wells, Foundation Fighting Blindness
(Director of Development)