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Release The Powerhouse Within You

Nancy’s signature program for women entrepreneurs is designed to help them launch their business to a level of success they didn’t think possible. Nancy shares her experiences being blind and being an entrepreneur with several businesses with her readers, bringing them new insights into their current work practices and inspiration to push past places they are stuck.

Nancy is an expert in team building and growing an idea into a true company. She understands the roles that women need to play – leader, confidant, comforter, supporter – and when each is necessary or a hindrance. Besides wanting women entrepreneurs to thrive, she also commits herself to teaching women to love their whole lives by also allowing fun, spontaneity and relaxation into their schedules.

Release the Powerhouse Within You comes with specific tools and training, like developing flexibility, leaning on community and balancing work and personal time. You will finish the book empowered and excited to realize your potential.

Visualize Your Potential

This is Nancy’s program designed for anyone who doesn’t want their visual disability to stop them from achieving their dreams and goals.

Using her own life as inspiration, Nancy instructs readers on how to lean on their other abilities to succeed and to share their goals, rather than hiding them – a tool Nancy found to be an essential part of her achievements. Ultimately, living with a disability is about one’s mindset, and Nancy takes the reader through a journey to discover and develop a mindset that gives them joy and contentment, regardless of their struggles.

The Speaker’s Advocate

This is Nancy’s guide for anyone who wants to be a professional speaker but doesn’t quite know how to start. Nancy has had tremendous success as a speaker and now shares her secrets on how she did it.

In The Speaker’s Advocate, you will learn to speak from the heart. You will become a great storyteller who engages audiences with humor and memorable anecdotes as well as a compelling message. You will also learn the ins and outs of how to set up a speaking business including creating a team of people who find bookings and manage the day-to-day functions of the business, allowing you to prepare, speak to audiences and create new material.

Besides being great for those new to the speaker circuit, this is an excellent book for those who are already speaking to hone skills and increase bookings.