How can you fulfill your vision for your life?

What are the first moments of your morning like? Do you awaken with unbounded energy, leaping out of bed to greet the sun? Or do you hit the snooze button, dragging out of bed with the burden of a day pressing down on you before it begins? How can you find your “Why?” and become more intentional, more focused, living life with purpose?

What if your limitations could be turned into productivity leading you to the meaning of success in life? What if you could find a work-life balance that left time for you to recharge and find motivation in achieving goals? Nancy has spent decades motivating people to ditch survival mode and embrace a life of inspiration, intentionality, and fulfillment.

The legally blind CEO and host of the national Living Full Out Radio show, Nancy is a trusted voice, a life and success coach. She has spoken in front of large audiences and conducted intimate workshops, sharing her own inspirational journey after her diagnosis with retinitis pigmentosa, a devastating eye condition that impacted her life from the age of sixteen until today. Her resilience in pivoting careers and keeping her dreams alive makes her an inspirational, iconic speaker: one who brings the fire of a life lived full out with passion, intentionality, and purpose.

Nancy Solari headshot

Check out what thought leaders are saying about Nancy:

“Nancy not only inspires the blind and visually impaired community, but her energy reaches everyone she mentors in a positive way.”

Tina Herbison Reader Services Manager, Braille Institute Library Services.

“Nancy is truly an effective speaker who is able to engage and connect to everyone in attendance, often sharing examples of her life’s journey that, on many levels, every woman in attendance was able to resonate with.”

Susan Baragry, Area Vice President Boston Scientific

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Nancy is a certified eSpeaker, qualified to present live, remote on-screen presentations for your virtual audience using tools like Zoom, WebEx, or GotoMeeting. You can be assured that your virtual event will run smoothly and  your audience will come away motivated and inspired. 

Nancy empowers participants to pinpoint what they want most and how they want to make a difference.

Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshop Topics include:

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

  • Learn how to harness life’s challenges, take back your power, and become your own “motivation coach” to create positive change.
  • Discover Insights on reading the “road signs” to manifest your desires and find the way to success in life.
  • Define your unique skills, blow away limitations, and connect with others as you find motivation to achieve goals.

How are dreams achieved? It takes defining your unique skills, blowing away limitations, and connecting with others through your goals. Nancy shares how to discover your purpose, live life with passion, and create a path to victory.

Leave Your Mark on the World

  • Gain insights on how your natural talents and desires can uncover the steps to success and guide your life’s mission.
  • Learn tools for tapping into your skills and aspirations to create a lasting legacy.
  • Discover four steps to success in living a purpose-driven life.

What inspires you? How do you want to be remembered? These are the essential questions when deciding how you want to leave your mark on the world. A personal legacy is anything from being a devoted parent or friend to starting your dream business. Nancy empowers participants to pinpoint their greatest desires and gives them the tools to create a powerful life of purpose.

Visualize Your Potential

  • Uncover the hidden secret behind the most successful, fulfilled people.
  • Learn successful tips on prioritizing self-care to increase motivation to achieve goals and boost productivity.
  • Become your own life and success coach as you visualize your challenges as opportunities and make your life more impactful.

People often put themselves second behind others and fail to fully embrace their life vision. Nancy believes expressing and realizing your goals will make you more effective in all areas of life. She guides attendees in harnessing their challenges for personal growth and inspiring others to Live Full Out.

Nancy customizes each presentation. Her first step is always a phone conversation to gain insight, feedback, and understanding of the topics most important for your organization’s needs.

Nancy’s schedule fills up quickly, so be sure to call today at 310-909-7800 or email her at nsolari@livingfullout.com