Motivational Speaker
When faced with challenges to fulfill our potential, we often have difficulty finding a source of inspiration to keep going. We might have a great idea for an artistic endeavor, a project that serves others, or a business idea, but once life throws a curve ball, we give up and stop trying to bring that idea into reality.

Nancy knows what it is like to get curve balls. She learned she had Retinitis Pigmentosa at only 16 years old and, since then, has experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss. Today Nancy is legally blind, but that hasn’t stopped her from fulfilling her dreams. In her presentations, Nancy takes what she has learned from her experiences and shares them with those looking for motivation. Through her humorous and relatable presentations, Nancy shows attendees that the motivation they seek can be found within. By assessing where they are right now and discovering their strengths and areas needing improvement, attendees will gain a vision for the future and feel empowered to pursue that vision and start living full out.

When You Live Life Full Out, You Will:

  • Adjust to life’s ups and downs, rather than resist.
  • Create your personal vision and know how to accomplish it.
  • Learn the power of asking.
  • Discover the secret to strengthening and growing your community.
  • Find free time to play while increasing your productivity.

Motivational Speech Topics:

1. Secret to Following Your Dreams – How do you turn a dream into a reality? It takes certain skills, like reading the road signs, and learning to leverage, to blow away your limits and connect with others through your passion. Nancy shares the secrets of these skills so participants can to turn an idea into a full-fledged accomplishment. Understand your purpose, never underestimate yourself, and always be loud about your dreams. The community you build will help on your pathway to victory, but never forget that you are your most effective resource. If you see yourself as the symbol of success, the world will notice too!

2. Live Your Legacy Now – Celebrate Life – Celebrate Life by designing your legacy today. What are you passionate about? How do you want to be remembered? These are the essential questions to answer when deciding how you want to leave your mark on the world. Your personal legacy can be anything from being a great parent or friend to starting the business you have always wanted. Nancy empowers participants to pinpoint what they want most and how they want to make a difference. She then gives them the tools to create their legacy, now!

3. Step Forward – You Deserve It! – Stop listening to people who say you can’t have what you want – including yourself! Nancy helps audience members recognize when negativity stops them short and how to break through that barrier with confidence and positivity. Nancy teaches her attendees to regain control in their lives and to put their foot down when it comes to being pressured. People will always offer their own judgment and input- but you are in control of whether this negativity affect you. Life’s journey is beautiful and abundant- be your own captain on this voyage and don’t let the storm waters keep you from sailing.

4. Maximizing Your Potential by Living Your Dreams– People often put themselves second behind others and don’t fully embrace their deepest desires. Nancy believes expressing and realizing your dreams is what makes you effective in other areas of your life and letting life layer is the power behind it. When you spread yourself too thin, you’re not able to give your all in any aspect of your life. Participants will discover the seven characteristics of successful people and leave ready to embody those characteristics.

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Nancy’s Onesheet offers more information about her speech features.