The Living Full Out Show generates inspirational and motivational shows that have assisted many others in overcoming personal struggles or obstacles in their lives. By sharing these videos, you help spread awareness and someone who sees the video you shared may find the topic or suggestions in the video relevant and beneficial to them. The videos can be found in the “Getting to Know Nancy” playlist. The link to this playlist can be found below. Only videos shared from this playlist will count as valid entries.

Participants must choose a video they like and share it on social media either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all three. Everyone must share a new video each time as well as tag the Living Full Out page on social media in order to qualify for entries. Each time a video is shared, and the Living Full Out page is tagged, one entry is awarded to the them.

Get To Know Nancy YouTube Playlist →

Feel free to share these videos with all your friends and family and spread the positivity of Living Full Out!

* Each time a video is shared, and the Living Full Out page is tagged, one entry is awarded to the them. If the same video is shared more than once on the same social media platform, the one who shared it will only gain one entry. However, a contestant may share the same video for an additional entry, as long as they share it on a different social media platform. For example, if a someone shares the same video twice during the week on Facebook, they will only receive one entry. However, if that person were to share the same video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they would have three entries, considering all other requirements have been met. At the end of the raffle, a video will be uploaded on this website showing me, Nancy Solari, picking the winner of the Living Full Out Challenge! If you won, you will be contacted through the email that you provided. If you have one, you will have 3 business days to reply to our email and pick up your prize.