Forgiveness is an attribute and skill that we learn that allows us to see that we have evolved and focus on recovering from any past mistakes. Resentment has a hold on us that we seem to latch on to, but instead of forgetting, you need to learn to forgive others for what they have done. Through compassion, you will be able to move on from situations that may have held you back. Try to pardon any instance that occurs and avoid basing your decisions to forgive on other’s actions and instead, base them on your own attitude. Look constantly at the positives of leaving certain situations behind and setting yourself free from any drama in your life. Even though forgiving quickly is difficult, you can do this every time. Any situation is excusable if you are willing.

Forgiveness is about putting events behind us that are irrelevant to us now. Stop looking for reasons to be offended and instead let life happen. Refrain from judgement and instead become observant. People come into our lives for many different reasons. We are unsure of who will be in the long term and who will stay by our side, but enjoy the time you have with each person and try to excuse any mishaps that occur throughout a relationship. Be present and live in the moment. Allow yourself to be set free and take each experience that you encounter as a lesson for you to learn from. By forgiving others, you will be able to have a better understanding of yourself, but also of those you choose to surround yourself with. Everything that exists in the moment is what is important, so live in the present so nothing passes you by.

When looking to forgive someone, understand what is most effecting you in the given situation. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that you are going through and learn to confront them. We all make mistakes and have to learn a way to forgive others, but to also ourselves. You learn to let life layer and use each experience you go through to your advantage. Use these layers to grow instead of looking back and remembering difficult times. Realize that the layers you create only make you stronger and by continuing to grow, you can blow away any limits that you may encounter. Set new goals for yourself to reach with forgiveness and focus on the possible outcomes that will develop in your life.

Instead of blaming others for your mistakes, take responsibility for them. By being confident in yourself, you can make sure that you avoid faltering. Practice giving others the respect you would like and leave your ego behind. When trying to act this way, you are learning who you are and learning which convictions and beliefs are most important to you. When striving to forgive someone, bring love to any hateful situation. Send love to others in place of judgement. Surround yourself with a community of people who will help you move forward and make you feel accomplished in life. The community you choose to surround yourself with is important because you need people who are reliable and will allow you to forgive them without holding onto any resentment.

Another layer we have to remember is that we make some wrong choices of our own. Forgiving yourself for something that you have done in the past is something that you can let go of, but also try to acknowledge your mistake as soon as it happens. Holding a grudge against yourself may hold you back in life and you can be disappointed for longer than necessary. Some things are irreversible, but you may be able to re-do them. When doing this, you can go back to a certain instance where you wish you had done something differently and reenact the scene. If you struggle with reliving something, write down what you would have done differently. Work to know and understand your purpose in life and what you are passionate about. By recognizing these qualities, you will find a new gratitude for the way you live and will be able to forgive yourself once you realize what could have been changed in a given situation.
In addition to wanting to correct the past, you need to realize that you did the best that you could at the given time. The way you choose to respond to it now is what shapes your mind. Know that the mistakes you made would be done once and avoid letting stress build up any further than it already has. By creating build up, this will create a higher risk of us responding poorly to the past situation. Holding the past in vain is unneeded, but instead learn from it and evolve.

The third layer may be less obvious, but forgiving time that has been lost is crucial. We have to excuse all the moments in life that we may have never taken advantage of and live in the present. For all of the moments you wish you had benefitted from, you can forgive yourself for missing out and take advantage of what you can do now. Continue to live now and make up for any time that you feel is important to setting yourself free. All you have is today where you can better manage your life for tomorrow.
Forgiveness is layered with accepting mistakes that have been made, but the act is about freeing ourselves from any resentment. In life, you encounter many different people who all represent something different to you. In order to free yourself, forgiving will allow you to put the past behind. You are constantly evolving and maturing, and in return, you need to be surrounded by people who are doing the same. Treasure the time that you had with people, and when a relationship is invaluable or unhealthy for you, move on and absolve any faults that have been made. By allowing yourself to set your heart free through forgiveness, you can fully accept all of your surroundings while living full out.

Contributing Author: Danielle Abram