Learn how to maximize your career potential by Living Full Out

Job hunting can become tedious, especially when you’re not sure of the type of job you want. So being versatile will prove to be of great assistance to you. With flexibility, you will be able to apply each of your skills to careers and it will make you become a well-rounded applicant which employers are attracted to. Our principle of tenacity will guide you to stay strong when you are experiencing the challenges of job searches. It will inspire you to continue pushing forward, making progress as you find your dream job. You will also learn about the importance of patience because sometimes you don’t find that perfect job right away. This is why learning to bear with the ups and downs is crucial. Living Full Out can bring clarity to this process by guiding you in finding careers that suit your personality. Splitting up jobs into four categories will allow you to make sense of the various career requirements you will need.

The first category is jobs that you have genuine interest in. Of course, this part will be the easiest for you. Make a list of all your passions and you will see that you have many options. Also, being able to visualize them will help you sort out which ones you love the most. This is how you will discover your purpose. What you are passionate about falls under the same section as what you’re meant to do with your life. This is because when you find a job that you love, it’s natural to feel that it is your true calling as you take delight in doing your job and are more invested in it.

The next category is to look for jobs that you are good at. It’s important to distinguish between what you enjoy doing and what you’re skillful at because they don’t always overlap. Let’s take an example, say that you’ve always been good with numbers. If you were to work at places like accounting firms or Wall Street, you would find projects easy to do because you already have the necessary skills to produce effective results. But success doesn’t always equal to happiness. You can be knowledgeable in this area, but your passion lies somewhere else such as the Arts or law. Therefore, once you understand this difference you’ll be able to narrow down jobs.

It’s time to consider looking into jobs which you will be paid well for. This factor usually determines the job you would select because making money gives you access to various necessities and luxuries. You may choose a well-paid job for several reasons; perhaps you want to show your family and friends that you are success and make them proud or you would like to live a certain type of lifestyle which only high earnings can achieve. But if you’re just looking for a job in general, it might be because you want to gain experience and build on your skills so that you have more qualifications to add to your resume.

Job searching requires a great amount of determination, but we can assist you to get started in the right direction. The first thing to do is to create a LinkedIn account because it serves as a way of networking with other people who are either involved in the profession you are interested in or they know others who are. Either way, you will be able to have more opportunities to immerse yourself in your career choice. Career counselors highly recommend taking career tests because it’s a perfect way of classifying your personality and matching it up with careers that show similar themes. For example, being very sociable could mean you would do well in the services field such as sales or Real Estate. If you think in a technical and calculative way, then the science and business accounting industry is for you.

The final category to consider is all the jobs you are qualified for that the world needs. So, the focus has shifted from benefiting you to benefiting the world. One of our Living Full Out principles is Make a Difference. Adopting this principle to job hunting will guide you in discovering your calling. You want to look for jobs that have a strong purpose such as giving back to the community. There are numerous jobs out there that bring positive change to the communities such as environmental work, humanitarian, or medical care. When you help other people with issues, they have you will feel a sense of peace because that is one less person in the world suffering. Based on your calling, you get to choose which line of work is meant for you. Furthermore, you will be able to build a community based on support and need as you assist others with matters. When you find a job like this, you will be able to Make a Difference in your own life too. Change up the way you perceive yourself and your path. With a different mindset, you will see opportunities in these obstacles. We want you to feel inspired about exploring your abilities because you have much potential to tap into.

Let go of all your previous thoughts about for certain jobs because when you hold yourself back, you are missing out many job options. Our principle Blow away your limits means to release the limits you’ve been putting on yourself. With our resources and your abilities, you can take your career to the next level and aim for dream jobs. You might think that some goals are too big to achieve, but we want you to only see possibilities.

You need to start believing that you are capable to do the job you desire, but improving on your skills is always a plus. Research the requirements of your career choice and find out what skills you need to sharpen. Signing up for volunteer activities is a great way to gain the knowledge, expertise, and experience that you need. If you’re looking to work in the humanitarian field, volunteering at homeless shelters, and refugee camps will get you started.

In addition, this process won’t be easy so you have to adjust to the unstable course. This is why it’s important to read the road signs. Just as signs on the road guide you to your destination so can they show you the right direction and prepare you for the challenges ahead. A stop sign could mean you should pay attention to the information presented and really analyze it to find your interests in the job ad. Or a U-turn could be a way of telling you to go back to a job you previously overlooked. Once you experience being rejected by companies or not seeing the right ads of careers, you want you will perceive this as an option to learn and grow.
When this happens in your career, you may feel upset and hurt about being turned down for a job, not being able to move somewhere for a job, or not coming across the right job ads. But through all of these bumps you are gaining more experience. When you finally get the job you want, two of our living full out principles will make your moment special. These are Gratitude and Celebrate life. When you’ve achieved your goal of going after the job you want, this is a major moment that call for a celebration and a moment of thanks. After all your dedicated efforts and perseverance, you deserve to enjoy this moment.

Now that you’ve gone through all this phases, it’s time to apply your new knowledge to your job search. Get a notepad and write down these four categories. You will be drawn to jobs that relate to your passions, skills, monetary means, and worldly services. Actively networking within your own social circle is the best way to start. The people in your life know about jobs you can apply for, but they won’t think of you unless you tell them. Another action you can take is to reach out to alumni because you share similar interests, so they are more likely to have the jobs that suit you. Attending professional events hosted by companies and charity organization is another way to network. You will get one on one time with them which is a perfect opportunity to market yourself. Uploading your resume to job boards is another step closer to getting the dream job. Be sure to have an eye-catching headline so that employers will want to open the attachment. Headhunters hire senior level professionals. Choose to work with a couple of them and be to do a follow-up. Make a list of all the jobs you come across that spark your interest, soon enough you will see that with actions and a different perspective on job hunting there are more career opportunities out there. With assistance from us you will inspired to chase after the job you want by Living Full Out.

Contributing Author: Alsa Diab