Do you struggle with having balance in your life? It could be that you have a social life with a lot of friends and family members. They want your presence for fun filled events, which could cause a time management issue as you need to get tasks done. Perhaps you could be engaged in your career, leaving little leisure time. Maybe your stress is very high from seeing work pile up. In this article we will be giving you solutions in gaining stability in your daily schedule.

One of the most common issues is having so much to do that you’re never caught up. You might have critical duties that pull you away from time invested in friendships. What you first want to do is tell people you already made a commitment. For example, if someone asks for your assistance, and your schedule is packed, be honest and tell that person that you have prior obligations and find a time that works for both of you. There will be times when you have to prioritize and defer supporting others until you are available. By doing so, you can manage your schedule and be more efficient.

It could be that you procrastinate on your tasks. This could cause a major pile up of responsibilities that can take a long amount of time to complete. To avoid stress, plan projects in advance. Also consider tackling the most important deadlines first. For example, if your primary goal is to go out running five days a week, put off other activities and just do it. You can accomplish smaller assignments after this is done.   

Another issue on striking a balance is that there could be a situation where you’re so consumed by an overload of assignments. Perhaps your social circle may feel that you’re avoiding them. What you can do to release this concern is to set aside a date or two on your weekly calendar for your personal life. By doing this you can make room for a significant other or best buddy. Another strategy would be to do an activity that is fun, like playing your favorite sport or enjoying a dinner out.

If you are overworked, it can cause severe stress. This could lead to health problems. We encourage you to put an emphasis on your sleeping patterns. If you’re one who goes to bed early, we suggest exercising during the day and meditating with the lights off as you wind down in the evening. This will get you tired if you have trouble sleeping. If you’re a night owl, minimize naps during the day. By doing so, you’ll get relaxed at your desired time and have a more consistent sleep cycle. This will lead to you being able to think more clearly and having less exhaustion during the day, which will boost your productivity.

It’s important to have stability in your personal and business life. Rather than choosing to be completely absorbed in work, make sure to schedule time for fun activities. To hear Nancy Solari’s tips on how to have balance go to https://livingfullout.com/radio-show/ and find the radio show titled Discover How You Can Have Balance in Your Life as You Live Full Out. Finding stability in all areas of your life will bring you an inner peace and the energy to do more.

Raj Persad – Contributing Author