In life, we all go through different stages of friendships that may be hard or easy for us to maintain. Many of the relationships we create can last a lifetime, but many of us seem to struggle with bouncing back after being left behind. Losing a connection could be for a multitude of reasons such as irreparable wrongs, slowly drifting apart and having a communication gap, or possibly due to a loss of life. None of these three options are preferable to face but can make us have a different appreciation for life while making us stronger. Some of the things that you need to focus on are your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Someone may try to put the blame solely on you as the reason for a relationship separating but focus on growing on your own instead of focusing on what you may be missing.

We can lose a friend for many different reasons ranging from having a major argument to a loss of trust. Friendships are two-sided and require an abundant amount of work from both parties to be successful. Causes of a failed connection are usually two-sided, and both people need to make an effort to strengthen their bond. In a relationship, there will be some disappointments, but there are many ways to overcome these negative emotions by just letting go. If this is a definite end to your friendship, reflect on why it failed. It will be fulfilling to realize what went wrong and what you want to look for in a friend. Most of the time, if you are always arguing with a friend and disagreeing with every decision you both make, it is likely that the bond will fail. You need to build a sincere relationship with someone that includes trust and should feel natural. Without honesty and being able to rely on a partner, the relationship will most likely end shortly. There may be a gap in communication or connection in your friendship that may be lacking. If there are multiple times in a relationship where you feel like giving up or as though someone is disloyal to you letting go may be in your best interest. Focus on the principle of reading the road signs by following the flow of your life. Accept the circumstances that come with the loss of companionship and be fearless, confident, and courageous. By trying to achieve these qualities, you will feel better about yourself and will be able to be sure instead of holding on to the hope of change.

Another way that you lose friendships that we have to recover from is when you both slowly drift apart and lose communication. The separation from one another can be due to age, moving on to new careers, or relocating to somewhere new. Sometimes you or your friend might have lost interest in keeping in touch or lack the energy to do so. You have to realize that you have the freedom to let go. One friend may also be self-involved and has little time to maintain a bond. Attempt to release those people from your life unless their effort is evident. Learn to leverage yourself. Use all of your time and the people around you to your advantage. Even if someone else lacks the amount of time as you do to put into a relationship, find something or someone else to put yourself into that would create joy in your life. Learn to leverage the people you surround yourself with so that you both benefit from each other and you will feel appreciated and full of life.

Sometimes, a relationship like this might also be the opposite of neglect or separation and might be due to being suffocating. Someone might be consistently updating you on what’s going on, but you can avoid the minuscule details. Though it is nice to have someone you can share everything with and be that person for someone else, you also need to have your breathing room. If a friend is consistently unloading all of their problems on you, the opportunity to do so in return can go unreciprocated. In this sense, the relationship may be one-sided, and it may be better for you to release yourself from the commitment. Having all of your stresses, as well someone else’s, can create anxiety in your life that is unneeded and unwanted. Avoid having your life become more difficult because of a friendship, and possibly putting your mental health at risk is limiting and stressful. Realize what it is that you need to change and be confident in allowing yourself to make a move to do so.

Most of the time we can choose who we wish to keep as our friends or in our life in general, but some life changes, such as the loss of a friend’s life, are unavoidable. A loss of a close friend can take a toll on your life, but you have to realize that even though their presence is missing, your life will alter, but it can be in a positive way. Yes, you may feel abandoned once this friend leaves, but you have to take your time to mourn. Even though you may be grieving a lost life, live by the principle to be here in the present. Embrace everything that is happening around you and avoid focusing on what you are missing. Be grateful for who is still a part of your life and take advantage of the opportunities that may arise with new relationships. Avoid dwelling on a loss but overcome the feeling of sorrow that you have. Celebrate life in any way that you can. Find a new hobby or activity that you can regularly take advantage of, and that makes you smile. When you go outside of your comfort zone or expand it, you will be able to find new friends who you know that you relate to and it will be easier to start a bond on similar interests. One loss in life may try to hold you back, but instead, let it allow you to grow.

Friendships, as everyone knows, can be extremely tricky. Even if we do lose a friend and feel abandoned, we need to realize that there is an incredible amount of opportunities for new interactions. We can find people with similar passions and find the ones who we believe will add benefits and growth to our own life. There are new beginnings that we can continuously start; we merely have to be willing to go for them. Even if we miss some of the friendships we used to have, we have to realize that we are better off without them. If the companionship was holding you back in any way, then it was lacking something that you are needing. Attempt to expand your horizons and focus on what is the best for you. By continually evolving and finding relationships that are in our best interests, we can understand the fundamentals of living full out!

Contributing Author: Danielle Abram