Health & Disability Speaker

People with disabilities and long-term health issues share a common experience: trying to work in a world designed for the “able” and healthy. It can be frustrating, annoying and sometimes depressing. How do we gather the courage to keep going when we are dealing with doctors, medication, physical therapy and other needs our bodies have? How do we carve out the time and the will to pursue our life’s dreams?

Nancy understands this kind of challenge. She was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at the young age of 16 and has slowly experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss. Today she is legally blind, but she still finds ways to run her businesses and live her life despite daily challenges related to her sight. Nancy’s presentations take what she has learned about living blind in a sighted world and use them to motivate and empower those with disabilities who are struggling to find their way.

When You Live Life Full Out, You Will:

  • Adjust to life’s ups and downs, rather than resist
  • See yourself as a mentor to others
  • Learn the power of asking
  • Create your personal vision and know how to accomplish it


Disability Speech Topics:

1. Visualize Your Potential – People with visual impairments can experience life with all the excitement, joy, and adventure that sighted people can. Failing eyesight does not change your personality, passions, or dreams. Don’t let your eyesight stop you from fulfilling your goals, even if it means getting creative with versatility. In this talk, Nancy helps visually impaired people recognize all of their abilities and resources to live life full out, inspiring them to thrive despite their limitations.

2. Stand Proud – The World Needs to Hear From You – Living with a disability or health challenge creates obstacles and requires accommodation, but it also provides a life full of insights and measurable growth. The courage and strength you’ve gained through facing adversity makes you the perfect mentor for others. Showcase your unique insight, strengths, and point-of-view with honor, and prepare yourself to make a difference. Stand proud because the world is waiting for you to be that source of light, love, connection, and inspiration.

3. Finding Your Inner Strength and Conquering Your Fear- Acquiring a disability can make the future seem daunting and out of your control. Tasks that were once simple become challenges that you face and overcome every single day. What does this mean for your future? Nancy illustrates for the attendees how to live in the moment and stop fearing a future that hasn’t happened yet. The audience will learn to embrace their caregivers and strengthen emotional connections with both old friends and new aids. Although you may miss the past, there are many ways to still be the person you want and live life full out!

4. We are All in This Together – Having a disability can make you feel alone on your journey – can someone who doesn’t have a disability understand what it’s like? Nancy says, “Yes!” Learn to connect on a basic human- experience level, and change how you view your helpers and emotionally supportive community. Never let anyone tell you what is or isn’t possible, because there are no boundaries. By showcasing your perspective to the world and sharing your story, you can change lives and build friendships that empower you and your listener. Nancy teaches attendees how they can connect to work towards a better future together.
Find out more about Nancy’s Living Full Out philosophy on her “What is LFO?” page.

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