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Nancy is an engaging and relatable speaker, ready to work with you to make your event memorable and enjoyable for attendees. Nancy will work closely with event coordinators to ensure that her presentation is customized to fit your audience. For your benefit, here are a few items you will find helpful in booking your speaking engagement with Nancy!

Nancy is available for:

Keynote (60 – 90 minutes)
Workshop (3 hours)
Full Day Program (8 hours)

Important Information about Working with Nancy:
Because Nancy is legally blind, she must bring support staff with her to all speaking functions. Please consider this when booking rooms, providing transportation, and per diem meal costs.

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1223 Wilshire Blvd #455
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Company # 310-909-7800


“I would describe Nancy Solari as professional, personable, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. Nancy is a natural and powerful speaker. She engages the audience and moves people to both tears and laughter as she shares her stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.”

Desiree Doubrox
An Empowered Woman


Nancy is excited to join your upcoming event! Here is an Introduction you may choose to read before bringing her onstage.


If you’re looking to market Nancy for your next event, you may use this Short Bio in your printed and/or digital advertising.


Nancy’s life has been an exciting adventure filled with both hardships and wins. But, she has never lost her determination to Live Full Out. Click here to read Nancy’s Extended Bio.