Entrepreneur Speaker

Entrepreneurs are courageous people: they take on great financial risk for a business idea with no guarantee of success. The stress and uncertainty drives entrepreneurs to work long hours with intense commitment. This drive is commendable but it leaves little time to enjoy friends, family, and the fruits of their labor. A life of balance often times seems out of reach.

Nancy knows the difficulties and triumphs of being a small business owner – she runs more than one company herself! She also knows how to love her life while she works hard – the key to Living Full Out. Book Nancy for your next conference to talk to entrepreneurs on how to build a thriving business, make the most of their skills, and Live Life Full Out.

When You Live Life Full Out, You Will:

  • Amplify productivity through a new perspective of time
  • Create your personal vision and know how to accomplish it
  • Learn how to balance without sacrificing your business goals
  • Share your unique perspective with others


Entrepreneur Speech Topics:

1. Learn the Tips to Unlocking Your Potential – Business professionals and entrepreneurs mistakenly think that working harder will automatically make them stand out in the field. What really sets a business apart is what the people who run it have to offer: their talents, passions, and ideas. As your business progresses, it’s important to stay true to your personal vision while also improving it. Never lose sight of your original purpose and drive, but learn to read the road signs. If you feel you’re coming up short, keep moving forward but don’t be afraid to switch lanes. Nancy teaches attendees to channel their full potential into their business.

2. How to Stimulate Your Business and Make it Work for You – Creating momentum in a business can be challenging, whether it is new or established but stalled. Rather than the owner working harder, Nancy reveals three steps that will have the business stimulating itself. Inviting change into your business model can be just the spark it needs to excel.Learn how to use your resources the right way so that you may fuel your business without exhausting your assets. Participants will be jumping out of their chairs to get going!

3. Don’t Be a Business Casualty – The excitement that comes with a new business venture is not enough to turn a profit. Nancy explains the five elements that make the difference between success and failure, regardless of the fluctuating economic climate. By learning to leverage, attendees will realize the biggest mistake they can make is failing to connect with others within their community. Nancy will teach attendees to build relationships with colleaguesto create opportunities, share innovative ideas, and find inspiration in places they would have never thought to look. Attendees will learn how to let their qualities shine and their ideas grow into flourishing results.

4. Speaker’s Advocate – Have you ever wanted to share what you know with people? Do you have a skill or a perspective that could make a difference for others? Then become a public speaker. Realize that public speaking does not have to be a full-time job. If you have just one topic you’re passionate about, then speak about that when you get the chance and share your passion with the world! Nancy advises audience members on all aspects of developing their speaking careers including creating talks and booking gigs. People walk away with a developed plan for their future speaking success.

5. Release the Powerhouse within You – You began your business excited and empowered, but when did running it get so hard? Nancy shares how to prevent six traps that could poison your business and the six types of business owners that face different challenges. Attendees learn to think differently, giving fresh life to their business purpose. Discussing the possible kinks of a new business, Nancy introduces the concept of letting life layer. By taking into account all their past experiences, attendees learn from previous mistakes and avoid falling into new business pitfalls. Give your idea the opportunity it deserves, and release the powerhouse within you!

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