Do you have concerns about speaking in public? It could be that when you go up to speak you forget your whole message entirely and you start sweating, wiping the dampness off your forehead. Maybe you worry that your intended jokes for your listeners will result in them being so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Another fear is when you’re talking and certain members of the audience are looking away from you. Or worse, they walk out on you. It is possible to have these anxiety-driven emotions before a presentation. In this article, we will be giving you solutions to minimize stress and be more confident.

One of the most agonizing emotions you’ll have is that you will fail at giving a presentation. If you worry you might forget your words or stumble in your delivery, you want to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones to talk more confidently. For example, you can avoid saying phrases like “Who cares what I have to say.” To calm your anxieties, focus on why you’re giving the speech and your passion for your message. This way you can focus and be able to present in a personable and relatable way. By applying these techniques your confidence will surge.  

It could be that you worry about making a mistake when using technology like a PowerPoint presentation. This is another fear that could cause stress when you are required to multitask. What if your microphone stops working or your computer malfunctions? To avoid these worries you might ask for access to the room before the presentation so you can practice. If you’d like to be hands free, consider using a lavaliere microphone. Rather than needing to rely on digital devices, you can focus on the words of your speech entirely. This will enable you to calm your nerves and just speak.

Now what if your presentation is a hit and other organizations ask you to speak for their members? You may worry this could lead to more time commitments, providing additional stress. We encourage you to put the negative thoughts aside and bask in your accomplishments. If you get booked to give a talk in a location you’ve never been to, consider it could be like a exploring a new city. While you may be speaking for a profit, realize you are being paid to dedicate more time to your speeches.

Consider if you do really well, you could get positive feedback. Other speakers could be jealous because they feel you had a better time slot or speech than them. They could also resent that your preparation was on point and you connected with the audience well. What if you know certain people in the venue? Perhaps friends who have known you will be envious of your new lifestyle, which could change the dynamics of your relationships. If a specific person is inspired by your speech, reach out to them and involve them in your success and celebration. Be aware that what others feel may be the opposite of what you think. Just have faith in yourself and keep building on your progress.

Remember that all challenges you face come with lessons behind them. As you speak from the heart people will hang on to your every word, which will make you confident. The best way to celebrate success is to involve and share it with family and co-workers. To hear Nancy Solari’s tips on how to be prepared for a presentation go to https://livingfullout.com/radio-show/ and find the radio show titled Discover How You can Overcome your Fear Over Public Speaking as you Live Full Out. By remembering that your message is unique and there is only one you, you’re on your way to empowering many audiences.

Simon Matthews – Contributing Author