Jealousy is an emotion that takes a toll on every single one of us. The emotion may stem from wanting to be or having what someone else possesses, but the main goal when overcoming this emotion is to focus on yourself. Jealousy works in negative ways, but you can overpower them by being productive. Try to avoid focusing on the critical image we may put ourselves into and realize that there are many different techniques that people can focus on to achieve happiness instead of anger. Sometimes who you surround yourself with can affect how you see certain situations, but the main thing to avoid when it comes to jealousy are your own assumptions. The way you see the world can be deceiving if you are unsure of what you are looking for or if you ignore some of the facts that are placed in front of you. By constantly putting in an effort to see clearly, you can overcome the feeling of jealousy by considering different viewpoints in situations.

When acknowledging jealousy, you can focus on changing your emotional reaction or behavior to a positive outlook. By being aware of your own feelings, you can surpass your jealousy by realizing the stories in your mind are different from reality. One of the first steps when trying to stray from jealousy is to be aware. People often think of a million ways to interpret a single statement or facial expression, but sometimes the gestures or words are simply what they mean. By creating different scenarios in your mind, you are missing what is happening in your reality. Solving the problem of being jealous is complicated and takes effort to change. In order to accomplish this, you has to be confident in yourself. Take steps to surpass the unsteady feeling and make of an effort of believing in yourself instead of comparing yourself to others. Blow away limits and believe that you can exceed anything that you may face. Jealousy has the biggest effect on you, rather than someone else. Know that you can look beyond what is right in front of you and avoid causing yourself pain.

In order to overcome jealousy, you have to understand it as an emotion. Jealousy encompasses a multitude of different fears such as loss, humiliation, and also anger. Once you realize what is causing the emotion to overwhelm you, you will be able to understand it by either writing out the way you feel, talking it through with someone, or identifying the source and attempting to solve what is causing you pain. By following these steps, you will be able to follow the principle of reading the road signs in your everyday life. By being committed to the end result of surpassing jealousy, you can learn to go with the flow and avoid holding any grudges against yourself or others. Be confident about the present while being courageous in your decisions.
Times like this can be difficult because someone may have received something that you have always wanted or are envious of. We all know that we should be happy for someone if a new opportunity comes up in their life, but we tend to only focus on what is lacking in our own. Even though you may be jealous of someone, whether it be for finding love or getting a promotion at work that they wanted, you have to stop and ask yourself why it makes you so upset. By focusing on the core of the problem, you can overcome your jealousy by targeting the center of what is causing the emotion and find steps to avoid feeling wary of a situation. Learn to leverage your time and people to your advantage. Most of the time, it is difficult to fix; you have to be willing to put in the effort to better understand and redirect your emotions.

By getting to the root of your jealousy, try to find the cause of your emotions without blaming others. There are many triggers to jealousy that people tend to be unaware of. One of the causes of jealousy is low self-esteem. You can create a positive mental image of who you are rather than having a negative opinion of yourself. By being aware of your self-judgement, you can avoid amplifying the feeling of insecurity. Avoid self-rejection and instead build up the things that they like about yourself. By creating more love and affection in your life instead of filing it with insecurity, the acceptance of emotions can change your emotional state in the best way possible. One trigger that many find to be the hardest to overcome is the feeling of anger.
When dealing with anger, work on forgiving yourself and others. Anger can easily be overbearing. However, by finding the center of where your anger is coming from, you can forgive whatever the instance is that caused this. To replace your jealousy with serenity, it will be beneficial to forgive past mistakes and live in the present. Look forward to new opportunities and attempt to benefit yourself and your overall happiness. While forgiving others, you need to also learn how to forgive yourself. It is natural for people to become upset, and sometimes emotions can be overpowering and consuming. The initial reaction of being angry is easy to rouse, but finding the core concern causing the issue is the most difficult. Even if it is hard to confront the harmful emotions in your life, overcoming them will be the best form of release.

After recognizing your triggers and surpassing the unwanted emotions they can bring, choose to believe that these obstacles are worth conquering. Learn to trust people you love and yourself in every situation. By creating new and untrue scenarios in your mind, you are causing your own emotions to suffer. Follow the principle of being here and embrace everything that is happening around you. Know what the next steps you will need to take are and focus on yourself when difficult times appear. Your mind can wander to many different places, but keep your focus on what is in front of you. Everyone and everything in your life exists right now. Be grateful for what and who is surrounding you and when things are tough, embrace each challenge in life without questioning what it is meant to teach you. By being in the present, you will feel more connected to the people you surround yourself with and the thoughts in your mind.
Everyone has their own way embracing their emotions, but we all have to find a way that makes everything most efficient. Productivity is an important goal to have because without it, one would be stuck living with the upsetting emotions and would have minimal goals to get better. Setting goals for yourself is a start, but acting on how you’re going to achieve them will be the most profitable. By constantly striving to make new goals and creating a positive output on life, you can discover the most important ways to continue living full out.

Contributing Author: Danielle Abram