Corporate Speaker
Using humor and personal anecdotes, Nancy is an expert at bringing together her story about how to handle obstacles while keeping the educational objectives of your associates in mind. She weaves her experiences as a legally blind individual easily into everyday life, helping her audience see their own situation in a new light.

Nancy is funny, personable, and inspiring, addressing various subjects such as stress management, leadership, teambuilding, professional development and more. Using the Living Full Out methods to empower and motivate, your associates will return to work after Nancy’s presentation with renewed passion and enthusiasm to work as a team and accomplish all company goals united by a common vision.

Watch Nancy:

  • Energize sales teams with confidence
  • Amplify productivity through a new perspective of time
  • Develop community for outstanding employee engagement
  • Build rock solid teams
  • Bolster loyalty and commitment

Corporate Speech Topics:

1. The Key to Expanded Productivity – Watch productivity skyrocket! Nancy brings new life to the term ‘community’ by redefining it for a corporate environment as the key to getting work done. Take charge and become the leader who capitalizes on each individual’s strength and boosts morale to keep your team energized and ready to do business! Nancy will deliver effective strategies that show each attendee how to work as a team to achieve maximum results!

2. Build Your Legacy by Advancing Your Opportunities – It’s time to start living up to your potential and striving to advance in your career as much as possible. In this presentation, Nancy teaches the audience to reach for more in their profession by striving to make a difference. Don’t be afraid to share your creative ideas with your boss and coworkers. Become involved and share your love for the corporation loud and proud! Work your way up the corporate ladder by blowing away your limits. When you reach for the stars, you leave your legacy with your company and become an important part of their success.

3. The Art of Balance – You want your associates to give their all at work without sacrificing the rest of their lives. Both personal and professional lives are important, and Nancy finds that golden spot where they can coexist in harmony – leaving you reaching your maximum potential at work while living a satisfying life at home. If you are happy in both of these worlds, your optimistic energy will fuel more positivity into each aspect of your life. The Art of Balance teaches audiences to keep work fresh and personal goals supported – and, essentially, becoming the best version of themselves all of the time, anywhere.

4. Working Together is a Strength – Your teams need focus and productivity to attain success. That means learning to be flexible with the different roles people play on teams: leaders, supporters, and collaborators. Each person on your team has an inner talent that can be effective for your business if kindled in the right way. Finding that talent and utilizing it is the recipe for success, so don’t be afraid to switch up responsibilities and see who is a great leader in hiding. Nancy inspires audience members to embrace all roles, opening them up to creativity, collaboration, and achievement.
Find out more about Nancy’s Living Full Out philosophy on her “What is Living Full Out?” page.

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