Empowering Others With the Vision to Succeed.

As a CEO, Nancy Solari understands the challenges and rewards of business ownership. Using humor and personal anecdotes, Nancy is a skilled corporate speaker who guides entrepreneurs in maximizing business skills, building a flourishing business, and Living Full Out. After her inspiring presentation, business owners and associates return to work with a renewed passion to achieve company goals, united by a common vision.

Nancy is a certified eSpeaker, qualified to present live, remote on-screen presentations for your virtual audience using tools like Zoom, WebEx, or GotoMeeting. You can be assured that your virtual event will run smoothly and  your audience will come away motivated and inspired. 

Nancy is an inspiring keynote speaker that will motivate employees, resolve communication blocks preventing productivity, and teach employees the power of community and creating a lasting legacy—not only for themselves but also for the company. Nancy is an exciting, engaging, and sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant.

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Nancy Solari is an authentic and successful example of how you can live the life you want with an empowered and positive mind-set, regardless of the challenges you face.

Keynotes, Seminars, and Workshop Topics include:

Tips to Unlocking Your Potential

  • Discover your purpose and unlock your full potential. 
  • Gain tools for being adaptable and fearlessly moving past challenges.
  • Stay true to your personal vision while expanding your goals.

Entrepreneurs mistakenly think working harder will automatically make them stand out in the field. What really sets a business apart is the people who run it and what they offer: talents, passion, and ideas. As your business evolves, discover how to hold tight to your vision and goals while continuing to change and reach greater heights. 

Don’t Be a Business Casualty

  • How to let your strengths shine and turn ideas into prosperity.
  • Guidance on the art of delegating to expand your business.
  • Insights on leveraging time, money, and resources for maximum results.

The excitement and enthusiasm that comes with a new business venture is not enough to turn a profit. Nancy offers guidance on developing a road map for success and building relationships to increase business opportunities. Attendees learn the five elements that determine success or failure, regardless of a fluctuating economic climate. 

The Key to Expanded Productivity

  • Gain tools for effective team leadership.
  • Strategies for energizing employees and increasing profits. 
  • Strengthen time management skills for optimum results.

Nancy brings new life to the word ‘community’ by redefining it as the key to skyrocketing corporate productivity! Take charge and learn how to become a leader who capitalizes on employee strengths, maximizes teamwork, and builds momentum.