Meet Nancy Solari

Personal Background

Nancy Solari is an inspiring example of living the life you want with a positive mindset, regardless of the challenges you face—and she is no stranger to adversity.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Nancy faced tremendous hardships during her childhood and teenage years. She witnessed domestic violence, her parent’s divorce, her sisters’ battle with eating disorders, and her mother’s fight against breast cancer. Unfortunately, the trials she experienced continued, and at the age of sixteen, Nancy was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a progressive retinal disease that leads to blindness. Over the years, Nancy experienced subtle yet significant vision loss, but rather than allowing the disease and her painful past to dissuade her from following her dreams, she chose to persevere.

As her life progressed, Nancy adapted to increasing blindness, yet she continued to face immense challenges: sexual harassment in the music industry, financial instability, battling suicide, infidelity, and miscarriages. Rather than allowing these difficulties to crush her passionate spirit, Nancy remained optimistic, turning hardships into growth and harnessing her experiences as fuel to guide others in overcoming their own obstacles.

Professional Background

Nancy obtained her BA in broadcasting and psychology from the University of Oregon and studied film at William Patterson University. After graduation, she went on to work with Oregon News, Good Day Oregon, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight. Nancy transitioned into the music industry until her loss of night vision made it difficult to navigate recording studios and the stage. She then went on to start her own real estate business, and soon became a top-producing realtor in Los Angeles. Even when vision loss made it impossible to drive, Nancy often rode twelve public buses a day to show different properties. She would prepare for open houses by arriving three hours early to memorize the layout of the house, so she could effectively show it to prospective buyers.

Although Nancy felt passionate about her previous professions, she desired more from life and wanted a career that worked with, rather than against, her blindness. She obtained her Life Coaching degree from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Living Full Out was launched in 2008 with the intention of helping others to realize their dreams.

Today, Nancy is an accomplished CEO, coach, and motivational speaker, sharing her tools for success with audiences and organizations all around the country. She has presented for organizations such as National Ticketing Association, Boston Scientific, Public Risk Management Association, Braille Institute Library, National Retail Federation, and many more. She has been featured in The Beach Reporter and Women’s Radio and has been a guest on numerous podcasts where she’s shared expertise on topics such as middle-aged lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and how to live a happy life.

She is the first blind person to ever host a live-streamed talk show and is the creator and host of the “Living Full Out Show” that offers inspiration to listeners all around the country. Listeners can also call in and receive tangible advice or listen as inspirational guests tell their touching stories. Nancy’s life experiences and education provide her the unique ability to empathize with people and at the same time, guide them to be resourceful in attaining their goals.

In addition, Nancy is a regular columnist at Entrepreneur magazine, where she writes about how to turn limitations into advantages and obstacles into opportunities. Additionally, she’s been published in Life Hack, The Good Men Project, Addicted2Success, She Owns It, Thrive Global, Business2Community, and several others.

Nancy Solari and her pups, Frost and Charlie

Though she is legally blind, Nancy continues to enjoy life and make connections with people. Living Full Out allows Nancy to utilize her writing, speaking, and listening skills while freeing her from the limitations that sight-driven jobs present. In her free time, Nancy volunteers for organizations like the Foundation Fighting Blindness and has participated in clinical trials to develop cures for retinal diseases. Additionally, she has served as a counselor for Sexual Assault Support Services.

Outside of work, you can find Nancy dancing with her friends, traveling to foreign countries while exposing herself to new cultures, enjoying exercise and a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with her guide dog, a Labrador named Frost, and her chihuahua French bulldog mix, Charlie. No matter where you connect with Nancy, you will find her meeting the next challenge in life head-on and with a smile on her face.