Meet Nancy Solari

Nancy Solari is an authentic and successful example of how you can live the life you want with an empowered and positive mind-set, regardless of the challenges you face—and Nancy is no stranger to facing adversities. During her childhood and teenage years, she witnessed domestic violence and the divorce of her parents at the age of ten. During these years, she struggled watching her sisters battle with eating disorders and her mother fight breast cancer. Unfortunately, the trials that Nancy experienced continued. At the age of sixteen, she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, and over the years experienced subtle, yet measurable vision loss. Rather than letting this news as well as her painful past dissuade her from following her dreams, Nancy chose to persevere and is now a guide to those who also want to overcome their obstacles. Nancy finds herself sharing her tools for success with audiences and groups all over the country.

Along Nancy’s journey, she attained her BA in broadcasting and psychology from the University of Oregon and studied film at William Patterson University during the fall semester of her senior year. Nancy altered her career path throughout the years as her eyesight worsened and prevented her from being able to continue on in certain occupations. She worked for Oregon News, Good Day Oregon, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight. Nancy was later a singer, a top-producing realtor in Southern California, and is currently a successful business owner. She aids those suffering similar conditions by volunteering for organizations like the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and she has participated in research studies to search for cures for retinal diseases. She has additionally served as a counselor for Sexual Assault Support Services.

Although Nancy felt passionate about her previous professions, she realized that she desired even more from life and wanted a career that would work with, rather than against, her blindness. She obtained her life coaching degree from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and launched her business in 2008, Living Full Out, with the intention of helping others realize their dreams. In addition to writing books and providing personal coaching, Nancy also speaks professionally, reaching out to a variety of audiences who enthusiastically embrace Living Full Out. She has presented for organizations such as National Ticketing Association, Boston Scientific, Braille Institute Library, National Retail Federation, and many more. Nancy also hosts the inspirational variety talk show Living Full Out and the national Living Full Out with Nancy Solari radio show, which attracts callers in need of motivation to take action in their lives. Listeners call in from all around the country to receive tangible advice and inspirational guests tell their touching stories. Nancy’s life experiences and education provide her the unique ability to empathize with people and at the same time, guide them to be resourceful in attaining their goals. Living Full Out allows Nancy to utilize her speaking skills and listening abilities while freeing her from the limitations that sight driven jobs present.

Though today she is legally blind, Nancy continues to enjoy life and make connections with people. Outside of pursuing her career, Nancy can be found dancing with her friends, traveling to foreign countries while exposing herself to new cultures, enjoying exercise and a healthy lifestyle, spending time with her service dog, Lionel, and always reaching out to meet the next challenge in life head-on and with a smile on her face.