Testimonials From Our Clients

“Nancy is challenged in terms of her eyesight; she has what’s called RP and she’s legally blind, but you would never know it. She gives 110% of herself, but what she does also is empower people like me to move forward in my life. I have never seen anyone who can meet any odd, overcome it, and turn obstacles into invitations to do better. So if you’re interested in changing your life, if you’re interested in impacting the world, if you’re interested in being better than you ever thought that you could be, then Living Full Out and Nancy Solari are for you.”

Dr. Aliah Majon
Soul Technology Institute
(Founder and Director)

“Your participation as a featured presenter for the “Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs”, opening session contributed to the success of this event. Your Full Out message was dynamic and inspirational and set the tone for the conference. You shared with our audience that to live Full Out is to not sit along the sidelines…but to commit, step onto the court and play Full Out! You gave them the tools to tap into inner strength for greatness and how to recognize true talent and potential. I genuinely appreciated your professionalism in planning the event and ability to engage the audience.”

Sallie A. Salinas
Women’s Entrepreneurs
(Director of Institute)

“Ms. Solari speaks with energy and enthusiasm and connects with her audience teaching and inspiring through humor, experience, and thought-provoking topics. She keeps her audience engaged and entertained.”

Stephanie D. Wells
Foundation Fighting Blindness
(Director of Development)

“I’ve trained speakers and presenters of all kinds, people who love to express themselves. I want to talk to you about Nancy Solari. Now Nancy Solari is from another planet. I’ve never met anyone like Nancy. First of all, she is as abundant in the way she gives of herself and what she goes after as anyone I know, and she’s doing it with retinitis pigmentosa. What Nancy brings to the game is good for all of us. If you have a chance to be in Nancy’s presence, soak it up.”

Jack Barnard
Master Coach

“I would describe Nancy Solari as professional, personable, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. Nancy is a natural and powerful speaker. She engages the audience and moves people to both tears and laughter as she shares her stories, challenges, victories and secrets to success.”

Desiree Doubrox
An Empowered Woman

“Her presence as a guest speaker at our October 2010 open house was truly a success. Many guests are still talking about her enthusiasm and her calm demeanor. She touched the nearly 400 guests in attendance. Her words were spoken to inspire, motivate and give vital information about never giving up. Nancy has been an inspiration to me; just hearing her voice lifts me up. She is truly a wonderful human being working everyday and doing her part to instill courage and support amongst the blind and visually impaired community.”

Tina Herbinson
Braille Institute Library
(Reader Services Manager)

“Nancy is truly an effective speaker who is able to engage and connect to everyone in attendance, often sharing examples of her life’s journey that on many levels every woman in attendance was able to resonate with. So if you are looking for a guest speaker that is not only going to inspire, but have your attendees walk away with tools and suggestions to help reach their personal goals, I highly recommend Nancy Solari.”

Susan Bargary
Boston Scientific (Vice President)