Meet Nancy Solari

Although she is legally blind, Nancy Solari has held a powerful vision for the future. Nancy’s youth was spent in Bellingham, Washington, her place of birth, as well as Lake Oswego, Oregon. Nancy faced unimaginable adversities during her childhood and teenage years such as witnessing domestic violence and the divorce of her parents at the age of ten. During these years, she struggled watching her sisters battle with eating disorders and her mother fight breast cancer. Nancy was then diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa at sixteen. She used her traumatic experiences to show others how to overcome their own hardships. Her experiences empowered her to develop resilience and become the success that she is today—a business owner, life coach, talk show host, speaker, and author. Nancy brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges and live full out.

Nancy’s diverse educational background and work experience showcases her diligence as well as the value she places in living life to the fullest. Nancy attained her BA in broadcasting and psychology from the University of Oregon. She studied film at William Patterson University in New Jersey during the fall semester of her senior year. Nancy did eight different internships during her college career which included serving as a counselor for Sexual Assault Support Services, an anchor for Oregon News, the associate producer in Portland for Good Day Oregon, an intern for Good Morning America in New York City, and a Junior Correspondent at Entertainment Tonight in Los Angeles.

Nancy continually adjusted her life as her eyesight worsened in her mid-twenties, but she remained hopeful and persisted by being resourceful. When Nancy worked as a broadcaster and reporter, it became difficult to read teleprompters as the words would distort. She then changed career paths and ventured into music until her loss of night vision made it difficult to see in the dark recording studio and on stage. Nancy still maintained her determination to live full out and started her own real estate business, becoming a top producing realtor in Los Angeles. Even when she could no longer drive due to her loss of depth perception, she rode up to twelve public buses a day to and from properties. She would prepare for open houses on Sundays by arriving three hours early to put up directional signs. She would take the time to memorize the layout of the house so that she could effectively navigate it when showing it to prospective buyers. After the open house, she would then spend additional hours collecting the signs and finally taking a bus back to her home. While Nancy realized she was assisting people with one of the most important purchases of their life, she knew she still had a bigger purpose. It was then that Nancy decided she would use what she learned from her own challenges to support others. She obtained her life coaching degree from the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching and began her own motivational speaking and life coaching company, Living Full Out Inc. Nancy built a career for herself that allows her to grow as a professional and frees her from the limitations that sight driven occupations present. With Living Full Out, Nancy utilizes her strengths such as her speaking skills and listening abilities rather than relying on sight. Through tenacity and hard work, Nancy conquered each obstacle that life threw her way.

Today, Nancy is the CEO of Living Full Out where she hosts the national radio show, Living Full Out with Nancy Solari. This call-in radio show allows listeners to receive on the spot coaching from Nancy. She also interviews inspirational guests who have overcome a variety of unbelievable emotional and physical challenges. Apart from hosting her radio show, you can find Nancy on stage motivating audiences to live up to their full potential. She has presented for organizations such as National Ticketing Association, Boston Scientific, Brail Institute Library, National Retail Federation, and many more. In addition to coaching clients, Nancy takes great pride in being a loyal daughter and a friend to many. You will often find her traveling with her beloved service dog, Lionel.

Nancy is an authentic, passionate, and successful example of how you can live the life you want with the right mindset and foundation. Regardless of the challenges you face, with perseverance and a desire for greatness, you can begin living full out.

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