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Living Full Out is a way of viewing your world – your circumstances, your goals, your life story – as a springboard to success. When you live life full out, you not only embrace change, but also look for opportunities to create change. You never settle for stuck, never run from a challenge, never rest on your laurels. People are access to reaching your goals, not obstacles to get around. “Making a difference” becomes a mantra not a slogan. You wake up each day excited to greet what will happen next – the good, the bad and the frustrating. No area of your life is too small to bring passion to.

Despite being legally blind, Nancy Solari has never lost sight of her vision for the future. She is an accomplished speaker, trusted life coach, powerful radio host, inspiring talk show host, and best-selling author. Today, she brings her life lessons to audiences, inspiring people to push through their challenges by Living Full Out.

Accomplished Speaker

Nancy addresses audiences all around the world through her motivational speaking presentations. Using humor and personal stories of living blind in a sighted world, attendants will find Nancy to be a relatable and approachable presenter. Nancy will offer attendants the tools to assess their lives so they can form a vision for the future and leave her presentation empowered by a renewed sense of purpose. Book Nancy to speak at your event to entertain, motivate, and inspire attendees to play hard, work smart, and live life to the fullest. Speaker →

Trusted Life Coach

Nancy coaches clients on matters both professional and personal. Whether you struggle with relationships, finances, career, or health concerns, Nancy is understanding and inspiring. Nancy offers life-changing insight so you can break past those things that limit you and feel free to accomplish anything you choose. Contact Nancy to learn how you can refresh your outlook and begin making the necessary changes to springboard you to success. Life Coach →

Powerful Radio Host

To check out the Living Full Out with Nancy Solari show, click on our radio tab to listen LIVE Saturdays at 11 AM PST. Listen as Nancy offers callers the courage to advance their goals despite challenges. You have the opportunity to listen to an inspirational guest and hear how they have overcome their toughest obstacles. Nancy will show you that when we harness our inner strength, we can blow away limits and achieve anything. Radio Show →

Inspiring Talk Show Host

Watch The Living Full Out talk show by going to the Living Full Out Youtube Channel. You will be inspired by our motivational guests that have harnessed their resilience in order to overcome life’s challenges. We will also be joined by celebrities that talk about the non-profits they support, and expert guests that give us tangible tips on how to manage everyday stresses. Watch Nancy in action as she coaches individuals LIVE so that they can overcome their own personal obstacles. The Living Full Out talk show will inspire you and give you the tools to take action in your life! TV Show →

Best Selling Author

Gain insights on how to succeed as an entrepreneur with Nancy’s workbook-styled novel ‘Release the Powerhouse Within You’. Overcome the challenges presented by your visual disability and get inspired using Nancy’s motivational eBook guide ‘Visualize Your Potential’. Get valuable advice from an experienced speaker and launch your professional speaking career with ‘The Speaker’s Advocate’. Nancy’s thoughtful and empowering books are useful, powerful tools to help you achieve your goals.


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