Get motivation on the go from Living Full Out Radio! Listen anytime, 24 hours a day!

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Get motivation on the go from Living Full Out Radio. Listen anytime, 24 hours a day!

You don’t need sight to have vision.

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Living Full Out is a way of viewing the world – your circumstances, goals and life story – with a positive mindset and passion for success. By Living Full Out, you openly embrace the unknown and look for opportunities to improve emotionally and physically. You understand how to cope with loss and disappointing situations without allowing negativity to cloud your happiness. You discover ways to ask people in your community and inner circle for support when trying to overcome challenges. Life is seen as a learning experience and less of a competition. When Living Full Out, you are able to harness inner strength and recognize your resources when overcoming adversities. “Making a difference” becomes a mantra not a slogan. You wake up each day excited to greet the unexpected and realize you have the power to influence your future.

Despite being legally blind, Nancy Solari has never lost sight of her vision for the future. She strives to motivate her audience to embrace their setbacks so they can move forward. Let Nancy join you on the journey towards Living Full Out and creating the changes you wish to see in in your life.

Accomplished Speaker

Nancy offers her thoughtful advice to audiences all around the world through her inspiring speeches. Using humor and personal stories of living blind in a sighted world, she provides relatable insights and strategies to overcome challenges. Nancy offers audiences the tools to improve their lives and form a vision for their future. This will empower attendees to feel motivated with a renewed sense of purpose. Nancy is excited to inspire your team and ready to educate your audience in Living Full Out. Speaker →

Trusted Life Coach

As an experienced and trusted life coach, Nancy offers guidance on both personal and professional challenges. Through experiencing domestic violence, eating disorders, financial loss, parents battling cancer, miscarriages and blindness, Nancy understands what it’s like to feel defeated and overwhelmed. Whether you are having trouble making a tough decision or need motivation to pursue your passion, Nancy offers non-judgmental guidance and acts as a trusted friend you can rely on. Learn how to break past discouraging disappointments and accomplish anything you choose. Life Coach →

Powerful Radio Host

Tune in as Nancy offers meaningful advice to radio callers seeking guidance on relationships, anxiety, balance, loss and much more. Each episode features an inspirational guest who understands what it means to live full out and has overcome a difficult challenge in their life. Each personal story shared with Nancy and her audience motivates listeners to kickstart the change they need. Through the show, Nancy conveys that by harnessing our inner strength, we can achieve anything. To check out the Living Full Out show, click on our radio tab and listen to LIVE episodes every Saturday at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST. Radio Show →

Relatable Talk Show Host

Watch The Living Full Out talk show LIVE on YouTube to experience Nancy in action. You will be inspired by our motivational guests who embrace tragedies and disabilities they face with a positive mindset. The show also features celebrities talking about non-profits they support, as well as expert guests giving tangible tips on managing everyday stresses. The Living Full Out talk show will inspire you and offer tangible tips for being proactive in your life. TV Show →

Inspirational Author

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you will gain valuable suggestions on how to translate your passion into a business. The exercises provided in Release the Powerhouse Within You will offer guidance for how to get started and confidently take action.

Having a visual impairment can cause frustration and concerns about maintaining your independent in the future. The eBook Visualize Your Potential will provide advice for how to identify low-vision aids and ask for support. You will be empowered by knowing that resources are available to assist you in achieving your dreams.

If you are looking to advance your presentation skills, Speaker’s Advocate will provide powerful tools to polish your delivery. You will learn how to become a natural storyteller and maximize your connection with the audience. Products →


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